21 september 2020

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President of Uzbekistan upped the minimum wage to $12

11.07.2007 11:56 msk


Business Uzbekistan

UzA National News Agency published President Islam Karimov's decree "On higher wages, pensions, scholarships, and hardship allowances as of August 1, 2007".

The text of the decree is essentially a carbon copy of analogous spring and summer documents that upped wages in Uzbekistan. It traditionally states that wages of budget sphere employees, pensions, and hardship allowances are to be upped 1.25 times on the average in the name of "improvement of living standards and social support of the population."

The decree sets the following minimums: 15,525 sums for wages; 30,750 sums for pensions, 15,525 sums for wages at the first (zero) level of the unified tariff net; 30,750 sums for hardship allowances to incapacitated persons; and 18,625 sums for pensions to the incapacitated persons lacking the required employment history.

The previous salary-rise in Uzbekistan occurred less than a year ago. Under Karimov's decree dated October 12, 2006, the corresponding figures in sums were as follows: 12,420 (wages), 24,600 (pensions), 12,420 (wages at the first or zero level), 24,600 (pensions to the incapacitated), and 14,900 (for the lacking the necessary employment history).

Minimum wage in Uzbekistan barely exceeds $12 these days.