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Uzbekistan: Bread and meat prices went up with salaries of budget sphere employees

13.07.2007 13:07 msk

Ferghana.Ru news agency

Business Uzbekistan

Goods of prime necessity in Uzbekistan responded to the presidential decree upping minimum wages, pensions, scholarships, and grants with a price-rise.

Bread price in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is 20% higher this week. Meat costs 4,700-5,000 sums ($3.7-3.9) in stores and 5,500-600 sums ($4.5-5) at marketplaces. When the decree comes into effect (August 1, 2007), municipal transport, energy products, and communal services tariffs are expected to go up too.

Uzbek media outlets hail the decree as launching a nationwide campaign to up salaries 2.5 times by 2010.

Salaries of budget sphere employees went 44% up in 2006. According to official reports, average salaries in Uzbekistan by the end of 2006 reached 187,600 sums or $150. Salaries averaged 301,400 sums ($240) in industry, 293,800 $$234) in the sphere of communications, and 285,900 ($227) in the sphere of transport.

Official estimates expect doctors' salaries to reach $102 and teachers' $93 after August 1.