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Forthcoming election of the lower house of the parliament in Kazakhstan: nomination of candidates is over

16.07.2007 09:51 msk


Politics Kazakhstan

Nomination of candidates for the Majilis or lower house of the parliament in Kazakhstan is over. Seven political parties submitted their lists of candidates.

The Nur Otan party list [Nur Otan stands for Fatherland, this is a party of President Nursultan Nazarbayev] includes 127 names or the maximum permitted by the law. Nur Otan candidates are government members including Aslan Musin (Deputy Premier and Economy and Budget Planning Minister), Zagipa Baliyeva (justice), Yermurhamet Yertysbayev (culture and information), Guljana Karagusova (labor and social promotion off the population). The list also includes some akims or governors - Janybek Karibjanov of the East Kazakh Region, Yeleusin Satindykov of Aktyubinsk, and Serik Umbetov of Alma-Ata.

Dariga Nazarbayeva, president's daughter and former Nur Otan deputy leader, is not on the list.

Ak Jol or Light Way, party of constructive opposition, came up with the second longest list of all. It comprises 114 names. (It should be noted that Ak Jol absorbed Adilet or Justice, a party initially regarded as pro-Nazarbayev, a short while ago.) The list includes Ak Jol leaders Alihan Baimenov, Maksut Narikbayev, Lyudmila Julanova, Burihan Nurmuhamedov, ex-parliamentarians Amangeldy Aitaly, Vladimir Shokarev, Myrzageldy Kemel, prominent lawyers Sergei Udartsev and Yenlik Nurgaliyeva, Maira Amantayeva of the Kazakh Federation of Trade Unions, and Arystan Yesentugelov of the Kazakh Association of Economists.

List of candidates nominated by the National Social Democratic Party that recently absorbed Nagyz Ak Jol [Genuine Light Way] includes 80 names beginning with party leaders Jarmahan Tujakbai, Oraz Jandosov, Amirjan Kosanov, and Tulegen Jukeyev.

Forty candidates comprise the list submitted by the Auyla or Village party. The list of candidates includes party leader Gani Kaliyev, writer Dulat Isabekov, actor Nurgali Nusipjanov, and others.

The Communist Party of Kazakhstan came up with a list of 22 candidates including party leader Vladislav Kosarev and Yerasyl Abylkasymov of the Astana Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan. Kosarev and Abylkasymov already sat on the Majilis in the past.