19 november 2019

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Tajikistan denounces the reports on impending establishment of the Indian military base

18.07.2007 10:13 msk



Regnum news agency quotes its sources in the Defense Ministry of Tajikistan as categorically denouncing the reports that Aini airport 20 kilometers from Dushanbe is to be made available to the Indian military.

The Times of India reported yesterday that New Delhi intended to deploy a wing of MI-17 helicopters and Kiran training aircraft in Aini and convert it into an AF base eventually. According to the newspaper, it was to become India's first military base abroad, one ensuring strategic presence of India in the Central Asian region.

The newspaper stated that the Indian Defense Ministry had already approached the national Security Council for the permission to airlift the military hardware and begin its use in Tajikistan. Along with MI-17s and Kirans, New Delhi hoped to deploy some MIG-29 fighters in Aini.

Sources in the Defense Ministry of Tajikistan do not confirm these reports. Indian specialists are refurbishing Aini but establishment of their military base in Tajikistan has never even been discussed, source said.