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Every second voter in Kazakhstan may fail to turn up at this or her polling station

30.07.2007 20:53 msk

Ferghana.Ru news agency

Politics Kazakhstan

Kazakh Association of Sociologists and Political Scientists convened an opinion poll in all major cities of Kazakhstan and discovered electoral activeness of the population to be under 50%.

The level of absenteeism (that's sociological term for disinclination to vote) is above the traditional 15%.

Every fourth respondent told sociologists that "The election is not going to have any immediate effect on my life." Other frequent answers include "I do not usually vote" (25%), "I do not trust the election to be free and fair" (15%), "I have other plans" (12%), "I do not see a single deserving party" (10%), "My boycott is actually a protest" (6%).

Sociologists point out that election in summer automatically diminishes the number of voters intent on participating. Electoral activeness is particularly low in Petropavlovsk, Chimkent, and Taraz where every second respondent has not yet made up his or her mind. Activeness is the lowest in Semej and Petropavlovsk and the highest in Kyzylorda and Uralsk.

The population of Taraz is split on the matter of participation. Thirty-eight percent of respondents will participate, 17% will boycott the election, and 45% do not know yet.