28 september 2020

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Uzbekistan: Andijan regional TV latinized the Russian language

08.08.2007 11:31 msk

Staff correspondent (Andijan)

Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Andijan regional TV converted Andijan Ahboroti, news program, into the Russian language again. Anchors are ethnic Uzbeks speaking fluent Russian, the news reported are strictly local.

All captions that appear on TV screens are "latinized" Russian - everything including whole phrases. The word Teacher for instance goes as Uchitelnisa, Kindergarten Manager as Zaveduyushaya Detsadom.

Back in the mid-1920s, some leaders of the Soviet government determined to severe all ties with the Tsarist past suggested conversion of the Russian alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin lettering. Common sense prevailed then. Andijan regional TV network realized Lunacharsky's dream nearly a century later.