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Development Support Service Program in Uzbekistan

24.09.2003 00:00 msk

Press release

New web page www.dssp.uz devoted to activity of the United Nations in Central Asia has appeared in the Internet. In particular, it contains information about DSS (Development Support Service) program, which may be indicated as UNDP key program in Uzbekistan. Its goal - to assist the new independent state’s aspiration in solving development problems of strategic priority. For this purpose, the program uses UN international experience in sphere of coordination and management.

DSS program is focused on strategic support in the fields of human development, human rights, gender equality and HIV/AIDS diseases. Besides strategic directions, the program view of development also brings contribution to coordination of external assistance and mitigation of consequences of a drought and risk reduction of natural disasters.

All these tasks are being executed in partnership with the government of Uzbekistan and coordinated by Department of economic foreign relations and investments, the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan. This Department is the executive agency for realization the DSS program.

The program works in close cooperation with other governmental and non- governmental institutes, such as the Ministry of Economics (problems of a drought), the National Center for Human rights (problems of human rights), Women’s Committee (gender problems) and the Agency for foreign investments – on question of coordination and management with external assistance.

The program also searches for and cooperates with donor institutes, such as SIDA (Switzerland), USAID (USA), GTZ (Germany), Winrock International, etc. Thus, with assistance of the government of Switzerland the program has given emergency technical assistance to those regions of Uzbekistan, which were severely affected by drought.

The Program gives a forum for realization of researches and discussions directed on achievement of progress in strategy development for all levels of the Government. With this purpose, the Program renders advisory and strategic services, training; it also supports other activity for development in various spheres. In particular, the program prioritizes those areas, which are of high importance for the country, and in which UNDP has comparative advantage.

Human Development: analysis, monitoring and propagation.

The program supports integration of human development principles in the government strategy. Strong support for policy based on human development approaches is considered as the tool for effective and objective planning. The program uses the paradigm of human development for advanced analysis of governmental and national action effectiveness. We base on UNDP experience, which has been accumulated during preparation of National Human Development Reports in Uzbekistan. The program also assists creation of human development network, which will serve as discussion forum for human development problems, and means of rendering support in preparation of the forthcoming reports.

Human rights:

DSS program supports the government in creation of potential needed for obligation performance in observance of human rights, following the internationally accepted norms. Trying to solve concrete problems connected to observance of human rights, the Program provides access to justice for needy and vulnerable groups of population.


In close cooperation with partners, the Program aspires to provide full attention to gender approach in the government strategy. With this purpose wide propaganda activities are carried out within the framework of the program, and various state and/or legislative initiatives assisted.


Together with other agencies of the United Nations and in close cooperation with the government, the Program supports the state actions to struggle with HIV/AIDS, and conducts wide propaganda activity.

Coordination and management of external assistance:

The main task of the program is to help government in optimum use of available technical assistance and search for its new sources. With this purpose, we participated in the development of the Technical Assistance Program - the guidance tool for external assistance planning for the state. Within the framework of the program component, a technical assistance database, which will serve as informational source on donor organizations’ activity in Uzbekistan for the government, is developing. In the nearest future, this database will be submitted in the Internet web - page.

Among major tasks in this sphere, the program viewed strengthening of human and institutional capacity, necessary for coordination and management by external technical assistance.

Mitigation of drought consequences and natural disasters risk management.

National strategy of prevention and mitigation of drought consequences in western Uzbekistan, especial in territory of Karakalpakstan autonomous Republic has drawn the Program attention and caused decision to take active participation in its realization. For example, in 2000 and 2001 the immediate help was rendered to the regions severely affected by drought within the framework of DSSP.

The program also provides assistance to the government in engineering decision - making system for the extreme cases of possible natural disasters and mitigations of their sequences. By doing that, we are not limited to operational work, but create potential opportunities for emergency measures in difficult situations, caused by adverse environment.

Adaptability to local conditions, flexibility and innovation are the basic features of DSSP approach in endeavor to support reforms in independent Uzbekistan.