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Kazakhstan: Parties of the opposition demand another election

29.08.2007 11:56 msk


Politics Kazakhstan

Several political parties of Kazakhstan came up with an open letter to President Nursultan Nazarbayev on August 28.

The authors point out that "establishment of a single-party Majilis [lower house of the parliament - Ferghana.Ru] signalizes essential disappearance of legislative branch of the government as a vital element of the state power balance. Extremely dangerous slants in the political system carry the seeds of stagnation and lack of stability. Furthermore, they jeopardize integration of Kazakhstan into the international community of advanced democracies. Disappointment of the population with election procedure augments social apathy as shown by the previous election." The authors emphasize that the rigged election of the Majilis was one of the causes of this state of affairs.

Counting on the president's "political accountability", the authors suggest the following emergency measures:

- official nullification of the outcome of the election on August 18;

- establishment of a special investigation panel comprising representatives of all political parties;

- prosecution of violators identified by the panel; and

- organization of another election.

As far as Kazakh political parties are concerned, the new election of the Majilis should be preceded by "amendment of the election legislation so that all political parties will be represented in election committees at all levels and non-interference from executive power structures will be guaranteed."

The letter to the president was signed by Tujakbai and Abilov (leaders of the United Social Democratic Party), Baimenov (Ak Jol), and Kosarev (Communist People's Party).