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Price of flour doubled, that of bread soared six-fold in Tajikistan

12.09.2007 11:34 msk

Regnum news agency

Business Tajikistan

Price of flour in Tajikistan is soaring sky-high. A sackful goes at 120 somoni (about $35) nowadays against 60-70 somoni a month ago. Vendors report no new deliveries and claim that the flour from the reserves is on sale nowadays.

Bread and cake prices went up too, as a result. A small cake that went for 20 dirams (almost $0.07) goes for 1.5 somoni (almost $0.44) now.

Economic Development and Commerce Ministry claims that a special commission was set up to study the cause of the price-rise. Sources in the ministry point out in the meantime that this particular trend is noticeable worldwide and that the process therefore could not help affecting Tajikistan. This country imports more than 60% of flour consumption. Experts do not expect prices to go down in the foreseeable future and warn that a sackful may soon cost 170 somoni or nearly $70.