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Cotton plantations in Andijan to be worked by field-labor detachments

14.09.2007 16:12 msk

Staff correspondent (Andijan)

Business Uzbekistan

According to local media outlets, more than 1,500 field-labor detachments were formed in the Andijan region for the cotton harvesting campaign this year. The authorities regard this method as particularly efficient. Already tested when grain was harvested, the method is to be applied to cotton now.

Cotton harvesting campaign in the Andijan region begins with the coming of the holy Ramadan. The region that disappointingly underperformed last year (86% of the cotton quota met) is fully determined to rehabilitate itself now and finish the campaign as soon as possible. Every field-labor detachment includes commander and his deputy, at least 150 cotton-pickers, one machinist, one doctor, and one policeman. Every detachment is assigned several farms whose fields it is supposed to work. Individual harvesting is banned.

Local specialists emphasize certain advantages of this method. Detachment begin to work a field only when at least 90% of crops are ready. Besides, all cotton is immediately ferried to the procurement agency which will hopefully prevent embezzlement.