30 september 2020

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Shots fired in a mosque in Alma-Ata

17.09.2007 11:39 msk



An incident was reported in the mosque in Duma, a residential area of Alma-Ata, on September 14. Shots were fired. A man was hospitalized with a gunshot wound, another with a head injury, Posit.Kz reported.

As it turned out later, two young men from the town of Narynkol kicked up a row right during the namaz (Friday prayer). They exited the room for praying and exchanged blows. One of the men drew a Makarov firearm and opened up. Friends of the unarmed antagonist rushed to his help. The shooter was disarmed only when he was out of ammo. Instead of turning the shooter over to the police, the men took him to Talgar (district center in the Alma-Ata region) and beat him black and blue. Doctors would examine and proclaim a head injury afterwards. The other participant in the fist-fight that went out of control was hospitalized with a leg wound.

The conflict in the mosque on the first day of the holy Ramadan would have ended in a death but for the regional traffic police that ordered a speeding car on the 14th kilometer to pull over and discovered two bleeding men and a whole arsenal (firearm and several knives) inside.

All arrestees (including the wounded) were taken to the Talgar District Department of Internal Affairs. The police identified them all as residents of one and the same village, believers, and former athletes who had known one another for years. The investigation does not think it was a religious conflict. One of the arrestees is suspected of brigandage.

No local media outlet reported the shootout.