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Uzbekistan plans to cut down cotton hair export and make an emphasis on cotton processing domestically

19.09.2007 11:14 msk


Cotton Uzbekistan

Addressing the international Cotton and Textile Conference in Tashkent on September 17, Eljer Ganiyev of the Uzbek Cabinet announced that cotton hair production in the country this year would amount to nearly 1 million tons.

"Cotton plantations take up almost 1.4 million hectares in Uzbekistan," Ganiyev (his portfolio includes foreign economic contacts, investments, and commerce) said. "We expect cotton hair output at nearly 1 million tons this year."

The state official said that investments in the local textile industry development program were expected to up domestic cotton hair consumption to 50% of cotton yield in the next two years and that reduction of its export was therefore to be counted on. "Up to 300,000 tons of cotton hair will be used domestically in 2007-2008. It follows that the export will go down to 750,000-800,000 tons," Ganiyev said.

To quote the Cabinet member, "having 50% of the cotton produced processed right here in Uzbekistan and selling the rest (the remaining 50% or so) abroad is the optimal ratio we should strive for."

Uzbekistan is the sixth largest producer of cotton hair and its second largest exporter. Annual production in Uzbekistan averages about 3.5 million tons of raw cotton and up to 1.2 million tons of cotton hair. Over 75% of the latter is exported - mostly to Iran, Russia, Bangladesh, Republic of Korea, and Vietnam. Cotton export to China has been steadily growing for years.