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President of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmon perceives his wife's brother as successor

28.09.2007 17:28 msk


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President Emomali Rakhmon's resignation under some set of circumstances or other remains talk of the day in Tajikistan. Rakhmon's family and the inner circle wallow in luxury while the population is mostly reduced to appalling poverty. Very many Tajiks barely make ends meet and only because they have someone working in Russia and transacting money to the family. Drug barons in the meantime roll in dough and drive cars of the makes infrequently seen even in the capitals of the advanced and prosperous countries.

Well-informed sources of Zavtra say that Rakhmon himself sees his wife's brother, Hasan Saduloyev, as his successor. Saduloyev is Orientbank CEO (Orientbank is the largest bank in Tajikistan) and the head of CDN, an offshore company and exclusive trader for the Tajik Aluminium Factory. Off the record, sources say that Saduloyev is also the wallet for the presidential family and its closest associates. Needless to say, Saduloyev has the money to challenge any other claimant for the throne.

On the other hand, Islamists are a factor that cannot be dismissed. It is only too human for people in the periods of trouble to resort to faith as the eternal and inexhaustible source of strength so needed to fight despair and the feeling of helplessness. It may be added that officials of the Iranian and US embassies have been quite active in Dushanbe these last several months. The feeling that the wind of changes is about to start blowing gets stronger and stronger, and very many people in Tajikistan will welcome it because the regime that only thinks of its own pockets cannot be stable (which is true of very many other countries as well).

Refusing to corroborate their claims, some experts in the meantime maintain that Tajikistan will have a new president in 2008.

Valentin Prussakov. Zavtra, No 39, September 27, 2007, p. 5. © Translated by Ferghana.Ru