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Nearly 100,000 Chinese entered Kazakhstan in 2006

11.10.2007 12:01 msk

Kazakhstan Today

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Almost 100,000 Chinese entered the territory of Kazakhstan in 2006 and only 5,000 of them obtained the official permit to remain, Yelena Sadovskaya said at her press conference in Alma-Ata on October 98. (Sadovskaya is an expert of the Research Council for Immigration of the CIS and Baltic states within the Immigration Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.) "Official employment of the Chinese averaged 5,800 people these last three years, that accounts for 12% of all employees," Sadovskaya said.

Sadovskaya spoke of the results of the opinion poll conducted in Kazakhstan whose citizens were asked what they thought about immigration from China. "They know little about China in general, but certain strata of the population do demonstrate a thoroughly negative disposition. Chinese expansion into Kazakhstan is feared - or, rather, its potential consequences," Sadovskaya said. "Only 7% respondents said the Chinese immigration was having a positive effect on the labor market. Nearly 25% meanwhile feared competition and 18% confessed dislike of the Chinese."

Flyers circulating at the press conference provided data and forecasts concerning populations of China and Kazakhstan. "Population of China stood at 1.3 billion in 2003. In 2004, 15.9 million were born in Chins and the natural population growth amounted to 7.6 million. UN experts predict the population of China to amount to 1.395.2 billion in 2050."

Here is another quote from the document. "Chinese specialists warn that approximately 190 million people will enter active working age in 2000-2015. In other words, nearly 1.5 able-bodied populations of Kazakhstan will be joining the labor market in China every year."

"The population of Kazakhstan stood at 15.1 million and birth rate at 278,900 in 2005. The natural population growth amounted to 121,800. UN experts say that the population of Kazakhstan will stand at 15.4 million in 2025 and 15.9 million in 2050."

"The difference between the two countries and their demographic and labor potentials is self-explanatory," Sadovskaya concluded. "There is an objective factor of demographic pressure. China is a demographic colossus. We are a neighbor, and demographic pressure from China is therefore a fact of life."