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Kyrgyzstan: print-run of Alkak arrested

18.10.2007 17:02 msk

Irina Yermakova

Media Review Kyrgyzstan

Print-run (2,500 copies) of the independent newspaper Alkak was arrested in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, this Wednesday.

Insiders say that the design was forwarded to the printing house on Tuesday night. One of the managers later phoned the editorial office to inform of its of some technical glitches. Maker-up took the computer hard disk with the newspaper issue to the printing house. The whole print-run and the hard disk as well were arrested the following morning. The editorial office does not even have the electronic version of the issue now.

The Bishkek police say the issue included a piece of religious-extremist nature. The editorial office in its turn maintains that the issue included no articles on religious matters. What it did include was a piece titled "Do We Long For Referendums?" appraising the forthcoming nationwide ballot (on October 21) as a political show. Was it what upset the authorities?