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Uzbekistan: Night spent in a mosque may cost the faithful summons to the National Security Service

22.10.2007 08:56 msk

Ferghana.Ru news agency

Religious life Uzbekistan

Uzbek secret services remain inordinately suspicious of the faithful. Loudly promoting guarantees of the freedom of conscience, the Uzbek authorities keep tabs on mosques and practically every believer.

Ferghana.Ru sources report that the Navoi Regional Directorate of the National Security Service interrogates the locals attending the Kosim Shaikh mosque.

Interrogations have been under way for over a week. Men already summoned and talked to claim that officers of the National Security Service strongly advise them "to pray at home".

Interrogations began after the Lailatul Kadr or the Night of Might and Preordination which several dozens faithful spent in prayer at the mosque.

The faithful say that law enforcement agencies write down license plate of every auto parked near Kosim Shaikh on Friday. "It was the license plate that enabled them to identify and detain me," a believer said.

Once interrogated, many faithful stopped attending the mosque.