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Tajikistan: structures fighting corruption request a pay-rise to retain integrity

22.10.2007 10:45 msk

Die Deutsche Welle


Sherhon Salimov, the head of the Tajik Agency for State Financial Control and War on Corruption, called a press conference in Dushanbe where he all but asked for financial assistance from the government and international organizations. As far as Salimov was concerned, salaries paid officials of the recently established structure should be upped for them to retain integrity. "The pay as it is leaves much to be desired," Salimov said.

"All things considered, the pay is anything but satisfactory," Salimov said. "The government is aware of the problem. It is looking for ways and means to up the pay within the Agency to prevent its officials from becoming crooks. We count on aid from international organizations as well. We know after all that it will be wrong to double our salaries without upping the pay in the prosecutor's office, police, Security Ministry, and other law enforcement agencies. The government is working on it now."

Salimov backed the request with some previously classified figures.

"The pay within the Agency varies between 300 and 1,200 somonis ($90-350). I'm paid 1,225 somonis, and that's without the rank bonus. When my rank is decided upon, it will probably add 100-150 somonis to the monthly pay," Salimov said.

In other words, the head of the Agency is paid an equivalent of $370, and his subordinates $100 and more. Salimov admitted that the total did not include rank and years in the service bonuses.

The Agency is charting a National Anti-Corruption Program for 2008-2010. According to Salimov, every citizen of Tajikistan is welcome to participate in the process and contribute. Journalists suggest that authors of the National Anti-Corruption Program abolish prosecution for libel currently specified by the Criminal Code.

Citizens reporting corruption need guarantees that they will be safe from litigation.

Die Deutsche Welle, October 22, 2007