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Alisher who did become ALISHER SAIPOV

26.10.2007 18:59 msk

Uktam Karimov

Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Very many take time to emerge, just like a photo does in a dark room. They begin with coming to be regarded as "promising" and some even live up to the expectations in due time. Some, not all. The majority, however, end up just like that - with once being regarded as promising their principal achievement.

Some in the meantime emerge all at once. Just like that. He was not last night, but here he is.

How could we manage without him once? How did we manage?

How did Osh manage without this Boy?

That's how I've always known him, as a Boy.

A Boy with an open and handsome face.

A Boy in a tie because he wanted to look older then he was.

A Boy who liked new toys. It was just like him to buy a cell phone of the latest make and try calling someone who is not even within the reaching zone yet.

A VIP-Boy who could recall some top brass he had interviewed once and say, just as though in passing, that he could not yet say what they had been talking about because of the gravity of the matter. That done, he would always look important and wait for the other to express interest.

A ruffian Boy who did whatever he felt like doing and it would always turn out all right. He probably dreamed of becoming another Navoi. His name was Alisher, after all.

A boy that he was, he was also an Adult and a Man.

He knew what he had to do.

He knew why he had to do it.

He also knew how to do it.

I met him six years ago, when he made his lightning appearance.

He was diverse - tactful like Uzbek poetry he had grown up with and daring like modern Kyrgyz media he had grown up with.

He could be so insolent that I walked away in rage. I would always forgive him afterwards. Not to forgive him was impossible.

Rafik-Kori Kamoliddin murdered in August 2006 had been daring.

Aibek Alimjanov murdered in October 2006 had been daring.

Abdulkuddus Mirzayev who perished (or so we are told) in October 2007 had been daring.

He wrote about them all, and did it in a daring manner. He had reasons to believe that these Kyrgyz Uzbeks had been "neutralized" Uzbek secret services.

His turn came and he was murdered too.

Who murdered him? Who needed the Boy dead?

The circle closes. Doesn't it?

I cannot explain it but I have always thought Alisher was 24. I thought so six years ago and even yesterday.

He was 26. Only 26. 26 forever.

Farewell, Alisher who did become Alisher Saipov.

Uktam Karimov, journalist