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Kyrgyz ombudsman accuses Uzbek secret services of Alisher Saipov's assassination

29.10.2007 08:35 msk


Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

BBC reports that the Kyrgyz ombudsman suspects Uzbek secret services' involvement in the tragic death of journalist Alisher Saipov. "What information is available to Kyrgyz secret services indicates that the journalist was marked for assassination by secret services of Uzbekistan," BBC quoted Tursunbai Bakir-uulu as saying.

Saipov, 26, was a citizen of Kyrgyzstan of Uzbek origin. He was shot in Osh, southern part of Kyrgyzstan, last Wednesday.

Saipov was an expert on human rights abuses in Uzbekistan. As a matter of fact, he was one of the few journalists left in the region with the courage to face the Uzbek authorities' displeasure and harassment.

Official Uzbek newspapers branded Saipov as a "traitor". Independent Internet resources in Uzbekistan are usually unavailable to general public, but some copies of his newspaper Politika did make it into the country.

International organizations and foreign countries condemn the assassination and clamor for an impartial investigation.

State Secretary of Kazakhstan Adaham Madumarov, on the other hand, admitted in an interview that it was the first time he heard about a journalist Saipov. "They shoot journalists everywhere from Russia to Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan," Madumarov said and added that Kyrgyzstan alone was making such a fuss over the matter. "Lawmakers and politicians are assassinated too, but it is journalists alone who hit the roof whenever something like that happens," Madumarov said.