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Moslem women in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan unite to establish non-governmental organizations

02.11.2007 13:48 msk

Ferghana.Ru news agency

Religious life Kyrgyzstan

Jamal Frontbek kyzy, leader of the Jyman Bakut Koomu community trust, claims that the growing interest in Islam compels Moslem women in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan to aspire for establishment of non-governmental organizations of their own.

"Allah's blessing on the women who take interest in Islam and observe its rites," Jamal said. "We will visit women in the Osh, Jalalabad, and Batken regions this month. We want to know their problems. The idea is that non-governmental organizations will help women with the solutions to their problems."

According to Jamal, women in headgear frequently find themselves objects of ridicule and pressure, particularly at educational establishments. "Both teachers and students are harassed," she said. "The legislation does not say a word on the subject. Why wouldn't they pick up on whoever wears mini-skirts?"

The activist said not a single woman in the southern part of the country was ever permitted to wear headgear for the passport photo. In the north, however, in Chui or Bishkek, women never encounter problems with it.

"That's the kind of problems we are determined to tackle," she said. "Women's centers are needed for that and also in order to teach women Islam."