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Samarkand pensioner built a hydroelectric power plant of his own

21.11.2007 11:26 msk

Maxim Isayev

Business Uzbekistan

Anvar Jurakulov, a retired teacher of physics, designed and built a hydroelectric mini-power plant in the settlement of Turtkul, Urgut district of the Samarkand region.

Jurakulov used pipes to channel the flow of the nearby mountainous river and connected a generator to it. It produces 2-3 kWh, sufficient for bare necessities of the dozen houses in the kishlak.

The first three attempts to build a mini-power plant proved failures. Students of the Samarkand State University regularly visit Turtkul nowadays to observe a bona fide hydroelectric power plant in action.

Jurakulov intends to up the output of his contraption to 5 kWh.