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Only 7% children in Tajikistan attend infant schools and day-care centers

21.12.2007 13:32 msk

Olga Senchuk

Human Rights Tajikistan

Conference "Infant school development in 2005 - 2010" in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, this week discussed a new strategy of development of infant schools. Addressing teachers, specialists from state structures, and local correspondents, Jukio Mokua of the UNICEF Mission in Tajikistan said only 7% children in Tajikistan attended infant schools.

Aware of the state of affairs, UNICEF suggested organization of pre-school education at home. Mokua said a great deal depended on parents themselves for whom special seminars would be organized.

Mokua also suggested involvement in the program of independent organizations and state structures. It may be added that the problem is typical of all of the post-Soviet territory and not of Tajikistan alone.