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Fergana Valley: Osh oblast hit by strong earthquake

03.01.2008 20:39 msk


Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

A strong earthquake measuring 5.5-6 magnitude on the Richter scale hit mountains surrounding the Ferghana valley on December 31- January 1.

The epicenter of a series of violent shocks was in Papan village, Osh oblast, the head of the Southern Interregional Ministry of Emergency Situations Kenzhebaev P. informed the news agency Fergana.Ru.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations Tashiev K. together with the governor Karashev A. paid a working visit to the Osh oblast on January 2. They examined the houses and buildings destroyed by the earthquake in Karasogot village, Karasui district, the news agency Kabar reported. 70-90% of buildings have been either destroyed or damaged in Karasogot and Toguzbulak villages, the Minister said. About 400 buildings have been claimed unsuitable for living and 7 schools demolished in the oblast on the total.

Over 70 emergency accommodation tents have been erected to house victims in the districts suffering from the tremor.

Helicopters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations will deliver humanitarian aid (warm clothes and foodstuff) to the Osh oblast on January 4. At present local authorities render aid to the victims of the earthquake.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations has not reported of any casualties.