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PRC State Council published a report on human rights in the United States

14.03.2008 14:03 msk


Human Rights China

State Council of the People's Republic of China published a report on human rights in the United States in 2007 on March 13, 2008. This document is Beijing's reaction to appearance of the Report on human rights in the world the US Department of State posted on its web site on March 11. The American report includes the traditional accusations of China and other countries, unfair more often than not. This is the ninth year in a row that China drew a report on the state of affairs with human rights in the United States itself.

The document drawn and released in China emphasizes that the US human rights report criticizes over 190 countries (including China) but does not say a word on the state of affairs in the United States itself. This neglect compelled the People's Republic of China to publish its own report in order to update the international community on the situation in the United States and hopefully persuade the US Administration to think it over.

The Chinese document lists numerous examples of serious problems with human rights and their observance in the United States. The document over 15,000 hieroglyphs long is divided into seven parts: Life, Property, and Personal Security; Abidance by the Law and Abuse of Human Rights by Law Enforcement Agencies; Civil and Political Rights; Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights; Racial Discrimination; Rights of Women and Children; Encroachment on Human Rights Abroad.

The document points out that observance of human rights is an important accomplishment from the standpoint of social development and a mark of modern civilized society. It is something, all in all, all peoples should aspire for. It behooves sovereign states to take efforts to facilitate human rights and promote them, to facilitate international cooperation in this sphere on the basis of internationally accepted norms and principles of relations.

On the other hand, no country in the world has the right to present itself as "embodiment of human rights" or use the necessity to defend human rights as an instrument of meddling with foreign countries and putting them under pressure to promote its own strategic interests.

Xinhua, March 13, 2008. Translated by Ferghana.Ru news agency