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Uzbekistan: Leading websites launch campaign against internet-censorship

19.06.2008 15:57 msk

Ferghana.Ru news agency

Human Rights Uzbekistan

An international campaign continues to protest Uzbekistan’s censorship of internet websites.

The Internet Bulletin Civil Society In Uzbekistan, Uznews.net, and Ferghana.Ru news agency have mounted a continuing campaign entitled, "Web-Site Unavailable In Uzbekistan!" against Internet-censorship in this Central Asian republic.

As part of the campaign, websites that cannot be accessed in Uzbekistan are encouraged to post, on their main pages, an emblem stating they have been banned, fully or partially, in the country.

An emblem of the campaign against Internet-censorship in Uzbekistan
An emblem of the campaign against Internet-censorship in Uzbekistan
The ban on independent and unbiased information became total following the Andijani events in May 2005. Researchers say that Uzbek browsers are denied access to hundreds of websites of political parties, movements, and organizations of the opposition and independent media outlets providing objective information. International organizations say that Uzbekistan is a full member of the "choice" club of internet censors which includes Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, China, Tunisia, and Myanmar (Burma).

Protesting against this internet censorship, participants intend to continue the campaign pending termination of the anti-constitutional screening of the Internet by Uzbek authorities.