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Miroslav Niyazov: We have acute shortage of political forces, able to lead the country out of crisis

15.05.2009 14:39 msk

Irina Dudka

Interview Kyrgyzstan

On May 15 Reporter-Bishkek newspaper published the interview with former Kyrgyz Republic Security Council Secretary, Miroslav Niyazov. Ferghana.Ru presents the interview to the readers, where he says about possible loss of statehood by Kyrgyzstan, complex situation in the country and disability and illegitimacy of the government – including the issue of closing American military airbase. Niyazov is affirmed that the majority of people will not vote in the presidential elections and that after the elections people will flood the streets since serious protest potential has been accumulated in the country.

Miroslav Niyazov, Interview, published by Reporter-Bishkek newspaper, 15.05.2009, page 4

- The opposition is confident that current President is supported by no more than 10-12 percent of population while the rest audience is represented by protest electorate. However, that does not necessarily mean they would like to see Almazbek Atambaev as the next President. What is your forecast on the voting?

- In the east, the change of regime takes place as a result of either death of the leader or forced usurpation of power. The current government failed to achieve successes. As an outcome, our socio-economic indicators are ranked as lowest among CIS countries. If people are aware of this situation how would they support current President?

- In one of the interviews you mentioned that new forces should appear in the political arena with new ideas on how to lead the country of out crisis and revive the republic. Are there such forces and who are they?

- Correct question. We have evident lack of political forces that have clear ideas on how to lead the country of deep crisis. The problem is in human resources. The human resources policy is oriented at finding convenient and pliant people.

- What about candidates from United People’s Movement (UPM)?

- They believe Kyrgyzstan needs parliamentary form of governance. I believe we are not quite ready for that. Some sources indicate that about 70 percent of population does not trust any of the political parties. How can we talk about turning to parliamentary republic? This is utopia. Today, we cannot cope with one President and his clan.

- Speaking of losses for the country. The conflicts in the villages of Chek and Petrovka demonstrate that neither government nor opposition forces care about the problems of common people. They are busy with fighting each other and internal conflicts. Is there a threat for us to lose the country amid pre-election chaos? Is there a threat to statehood?

- We all are responsible for the future of Kyrgyzstan and its unity. In order to fortify the statehood we need economic independence, maximum use of domestic resources and avoidance of foreign dependence. Only having these factors we will be more prepared to various crisis periods.

- Today, UPM position can be described as "we either win or the voting results are falsified". What is the probability of post-election conflicts?

- The authorities have two ways to keep their positions: falsification of elections results or forced suppression of civil demonstrations. The citizens understand that and, most likely, they are not going to vote. People either have to resign themselves or to raise heads and end dangerous games.

- Are people ready for that?

- Today, people reside in the condition of socio-economic and psychological discomfort. Today’s situation can force the citizens to attend mass protest demonstrations.

- Are you going to vote yourself?

- Based on my above statement, it does not make sense to vote.

- Do you think Kyrgyzstan should expect "color" revolution? Are there foreign players behind the opposition?

- It is very difficult to artificially change the events. There must be significant protest potential while the foreign support is just another necessary factor for changing the situation. I believe we do not need revolution but mass protest demonstrations are necessary.

- What is your evaluation of government’s preparedness for presidential elections?

- It is too late for current regime to get prepared. It can exist formally for some time, but the point is that it lost the trust of population.

- People are confused with the issue over military base: what is going on there?

- The government has neither domestic nor foreign policy. But closing Manas airbase does not play for our national interests. The point is that the airbase could not only serve as the corridor, connecting Kyrgyzstan with the West, but also attract new technologies guarantee the investment flow.

Irina Dudka, Reporter-Bishkek

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