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Shootings at Kyrgyz-Uzbek border

11.06.2009 17:20 msk

Bakyt Ibraimov

Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

The tragedy, which took place at Kyrgyz-Uzbek border on June 7th, became the reason of disturbance among the population of Karasuu city in the Osh Oblast of Kyrgyzstan, the birthplace of killed Ulugbek Usmanov.

It has to be mentioned that 29 year old citizen of Kyrgyzstan Ulugbek Usmanov was shot dead by the border guards of Uzbekistan while illegally crossing the state border. This took place in early morning of June 7, 2009.

«The accident took place in the territory of Uzbekistan, 50 meters away from Jany-Turmush checkpoint – the source in the local law enforcement bodies informs. – Ulugbek was shot dead after two caution shots».

The wounded Ulugbek Usmanov got in the taxi 10 meters away from the state border line. «The client asked me to take him to Sura-Tash village – the taxi driver says. – On the way there he asked me to stop. He mentioned that he was going to cross the border in order to buy some fruits and vegetables. Several minutes later, I heard «Stop!» and some shots».

Other witnessed affirm that Usmanov was going to ask the border guards of Uzbekistan to let him illegally cross the border, because the official checkpoints were shut after events of May 26, 2009 in the city of Khanabad.

The relatives of Ulugbek are outraged with the actions of Uzbek border guards and they are ready to address the government of Kyrgyzstan with the demand to take actions.

Ulugbek Usmanov. Photo from family album

Оn June 7 the representatives of Kyrgyz authorities arrived in the Dostuk checkpoint in order to investigate the details of the accident. However, Uzbek side refused to meet the Karasuu region administration. In their turn, Kyrgyz authorities observe the intensification of conflict potential at Kyrgyz-Uzbek border.

«In the last four-five month we can observe the deterioration of the situation at the bordering territories. Unfortunately, this trend will continue in the future – Kyrgyz parliament deputy Murat Djuraev, running border affairs, says. – This is reasoned by the fact that Kyrgyzstan made a firm decision to build hydro electric plants. The response leads to such sad incidents. Therefore, we can expect the intensification of old and the emergence of new conflicts at the border territories».

Prior to tragic death of Kyrgyz citizen at Kyrgyz-Uzbek border there were also two significant conflicts. On April 19, 2009 the armed law enforcement officers of Uzbekistan ran the house check in the homes of disputable Chek village. On May 15, 2009 the vehicle with Kyrgyz citizens, transiting the enclave of Sokh, was swept by Uzbek border guards.

«The government of Uzbekistan violates the human rights not only in its country, but also in other republics through military interference and setting own rules – Tashpulat Yuldashev, the independent political scientist from Uzbekistan, says. – The death of Kyrgyz citizen can be viewed as the result of targeted performance of Uzbek special services. The provocations and unilateral restrictions intensify the complex socio-economic condition of citizens, residing in the border areas of two countries».

Today, Kyrgyz Ombudsman Tursunbek Akun is going to address his Uzbek colleague Sayora Rashidova regarding the assassination of Usmanov, 24.kg news agency reports. The press-service of Ombudsman disseminated the message, indicating that «The Ombudsman of Kyrgyz Republic is not investigating this case. The investigation is carried out by law enforcement bodies. Tursunbek Akun is discontent that the body of dead victim is kept by Uzbek side for more than three days. We hope that defaulter will be punished».

Bakyt Ibraimov (Kyrgyzstan)