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The schools in Uzbekistan see sharp deficit of textbooks

03.09.2009 15:46 msk


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New textbooks have been in deficit since long ago in Uzbekistan. The school libraries receive very few of them and cannot physically provide them to every student. According to the teachers in Tashkent, there are only 5-6 books per each 35-40 schoolchildren. If the student misses his line for book, his parents will have to independently buy him the textbooks.

Considering the salary levels, the books are expensive in Uzbekistan. On the other hand, they are not free in the schools either: every year the students have to rent the books. For instance, the pile of 3rd grade books, rented from the library, will cost 6 thousand sum ($3), while high school kids should pay about 15 thousand sum ($10).

The book market

At the end of August the book stores of Tashkent see lots of buyers. They all are looking for books, listed by the teachers.

The point of books sale. Photo by Ferghana.Ru

The cheaper books can be found in stores, owned by famous print houses. The sales prices of books are regulated here by the state and they give receipts. Obviously, this option is available only for the residents of capital city.

The textbook in government-owned book store. Photo by Ferghana.Ru

Moreover, Ferghana.Ru correspondent was informed that additional literature is also highly demanded by population because parents need to \"donate\" them to school library. The reason is simple: the children are not allowed in the school without \"donations\".

The Soviet authors are enemies of Independent Uzbekistan

The only book shelf with Soviet books. Photo by Ferghana.Ru

It has to be noted that first wave of soviet books prohibition started in 1999-2000. Since Soviet books were banned, the official textbooks are written by contemporary Uzbek authors. Unfortunately, the majority of modern Uzbek books do not contain enough information.


Unreasonable policy of Uzbek Ministry of national education led to the situation when educational program is revised nearly every year and this means the necessity to print new books. The literature, issued in 2003, is considered as \"outdated\". The main volume of currently used books were published in 2007 and earlier.

Front line books. Photo by Ferghana.Ru

Despite newest editions, it is clear that they are de facto the analogs of earlier issues.

Sweet deception by Ministers Council

In mid-August the Ministers Council of Uzbekistan reported the socio-economic development results for the first half of 2009. The report says that the appropriate agencies were responsible for organization of school stuff, books and domestically produced uniform fair in all the cities, regional centers, schools, colleges and lyceums.

Books sale in Tashkent. Photo by Ferghana.Ru

Later on, all local media reported that according to the Ministry of national education, since July 24 754 schools of Uzbekistan organized fairs, attended by the students of local schools. Meanwhile, according to Ferghana.Ru sources there was no single fair in Tashkent, Samarqand and Djizak Oblasts. The local residents say that books were only available for rent in the local school libraries. In the remote parts of republic there are no book stores and, therefore, children, lacking the textbooks, have to use books one by one.