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Not a victory day. Brief conclusions of the second revolution day in Kyrgyzstan

08.04.2010 09:23 msk


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The second day of another Kyrgyz revolution is over. Ferghana.Ru gives the summary of the day we would not rush to name as the victory: people are killed and injured, the aggressive and drunk people are walking around the cities, private houses and shops are being looted. The opposition forces seized the power and immediately started portfolio distribution. President Bakiev disappeared. The south of the republic is waiting for continuation. Nothing is over yet.

The controversial results of April 7, 2010 in Kyrgyzstan

1. The latest news says only in Bishkek 68 people were shot dead. There are also victims in other cities. Over 500 people were injured. The Bishkek hospitals are packed by patients, needing blood.

2. The White House is taken over by the opposition forces.

3. Roza Otunbaeva took the charge of popular government. She informed the journalists that Prime-Minister Daniyar Usenov "signed the resignation statement and personally submitted it to me. The opposition forces took over the power", RIAN quotes Otunbaeva. The resignation of Prime-Minister automatically means the resignation of Cabinet Council.

4. According to Ferghana.Ru, the former opposition leaders and new decision makers are actively involved in distribution of chairs. No one takes measures to restore the order. The revolution leaders have no action plan for the near future. Allegedly, they were not expecting such successful and fast outcome. There is no plan, outlining the next first steps and explaining to the world community what happened in Kyrgyzstan in the last two days. "The escalation of violence is responsibility of criminal power", says the message of Central Executive Committee of People’s Kurultai.

So far the position of new authorities in relation to American and Russian military bases as well as foreign policy vectors is not clear.

5. The law enforcement officers take the day off today, waiting "for special order".

6. The looters behave outrageously in Bishkek. The groups of young tipsy men are walking around the city. The house of Bakiev is burned. Interfax informed that in the night of April 7 the Bakiev’s house was looted: people took personal belongings, bed-clothes, dishes, rugs and etc. Not a single fire-engine arrived to the place.

7. The imprisoned opposition leaders Ismail Isakov, Erkin Bulekbaev, Saparbek Argynov, Uran Ryskulov were released although there was no legal reason, i.e court’s decision, warrant or amnesty.

8. It is not clear where Bakiev is located at the moment. Some sources say he took off for Almaty, while other sources indicated he headed to the south. Southern part of Kyrgyzstan, except for few districts, is waiting; so far there are no protest actions or disorder.

9. The location of president’s teammates and relatives is not reported. According to unofficial information, the President’s son Maxim Bakiev is on his way to USA, where he is going to attend the investment forum on April 8 in Washington DC. The event was planned long ago and it turned out to be perfect timing.

10. The opposition leaders and various marginal men (which also refer to themselves as opposition members) give live interviews at state television channel.

11. Askar Akaev, the first President of Kyrgyzstan, could understand nothing and looked back. In his interview to KazTAG just as five years ago he blamed Americans, saying that Bakiev was the protégé of USA. The former President did not specify why Americans would remove the convenient president.

12. Unknown people devastated Kyrgyz national arts museum, named after Gapar Aitiev. The collection included precious paintings of such Russian and Soviet artists as Vrubel, Levitan, Falk and impressionists.

13. The Internet users in Kyrgyzstan regained access to Ferghana.Ru and other websites (blocked since March 10).