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The biggest globe in Uzbekistan was solemnly presented in Bukhara

07.09.2010 12:28 msk

Khush Kelibsizov

Politics Uzbekistan

Photo UzA

The first globe in Central Asia (and perhaps in the world) was prepared in 995 by Abu Rayhan Beruni. The prominent scholar from Khoresm prepared the capacious model of northern hemisphere, put the explored geographic points there and assumed that there were other islands and continents across the Atlantic Ocean. One thousand years later the brown thumb of President Karimov promotes the converse globes in the republic since they reflect only one continent of Uzbekistan.

On August 30 Uzbek President Islam Karimov visited Bukhara, where he solemnly presented Ancient and Eternal Bukhara monument, erected on his own initiative and performed by Ilkhom Djabbarov, the honored arts worker of Uzbekistan, the Academy of Arts graduate and sculptor. 18-meter high embodiment of president’s creative idea is the massive plinth with the powered globe (diameter – 5 meters, weight – 32 tons) on top – magnified copy of the globe, located in Tashkent at the Independence square. The globe traditionally has only one object - the continent of Eurasia size shifted towards the equator and with recognizable lines. "There is important meaning here: since gaining independence our republic became the rightful member of the international community, demonstrating its power and potential", UzA, national news agency, interpreted the statement, reflected in the monument.

The plinth of the new monument is decorated with the images of three human generations, impersonating the eternal life. Besides, the names of outstanding scientists and theologians from Bukhara are written with golden letters – Abu Ali ibn Sina, Narshakhi, Al-Bukhari, Abdulkholik Gizhduvani, Bakhaudinn Nakhshband, Khodzhi Orif Revgari and others. "These objects convey smart and modern architectural solutions along with national traditions, relevant to Bukhara", says UzA about the monument base.

Ancient and Eternal Bukhara monument. Photo of UzА

The Ancient and Eternal Bukhara monument became the biggest erection in the republic that has allegorical globe, by its size throwing into the shade all other globes. It has to be mentioned that active promotion of globes in Uzbekistan started in 1991 when at the Independence square (formerly Lenin’s square) the globe with disproportionally big lines of the only country of Uzbekistan was unexpectedly put on the base of the Lenin’s monument (sculptured by N. Tomskiy). Since at that period the monuments were massively removed and replaced by anything people believed that the globe was temporary alternative for something else, for example the statue of Beruni or ibn Sina. Later on it was found out that the author of this brilliant idea, called as the Independence Monument, was President Karimov; this meant that "kurt monument" (kurt – salted balls of sour mill – editorial note) or "the globe of Uzbekistan", as it was ironically named, was placed with serious intentions and for extended period.

The head of the state never bothered to explain the idea that the globe was presented only by Uzbekistan. The official texts report that this construction "symbolizes the aspiration of young and independent state to integrate in the international community and its recognition by many countries". However, it is still not clear where these countries are today. On the other hand, despite the absence of explanations the embodiment of Karimov’s idea step by step produced various pompous interpretations, turning into some sacral symbol, whose real meaning has not been explained yet. (I personally think that Mr. Freud would do good job here).

The independent monument in Tashkent. Photo of Ferghana.Ru

Shortly, the globes became widely spread throughout Uzbekistan in nearly all big settlements. Once in the Osmat village of the Djizak Oblast I came across the 3-meter high wooden base with the globe on top in front of the local authority building – the result of efforts of local administration, hoping that their aspiration will be awarded.

In 2006, following 15 years since the erection of main globe in Uzbekistan, the statue of mother and child was added there and while the composition was named as the Monument of Independence and Humanism. The height of the statue of Happy Mother is 6 meters while the length of her child is 3.5 meters. Sculptors Ilkhom and Kamol Djabbarovs were highly honored to embody another brilliant idea of the president. In his turn, President Karimov took care of correct attitude towards new monument via special instruction:

The monument of Independence and Humanism in Tashkent. Photo of Ferghana.Ru

"Considering important role and designation of the Independence square in our socio-political life and in order to further promote the ideas of independence, sense of national pride, patriotism in the minds of people, especially young generation, I instruct:

1. To approve the proposal of Manaviyat va marifat national center, writers’ union of Uzbekistan, Makhalla foundation, Kamolot public movement, the Arts Academy of Uzbekistan and general public to name the new monument at the Independence square as the Monument of Independence and Humanism (Pay attention to their common and absolutely spontaneous proposal! – editorial note).

2. To integrate the official wreath-laying ceremony before the Monument of Independence and Humanism into national holidays of the Republic of Uzbekistan as well as during other solemn ceremonies of national level.

3. To approve the order of official wreath-laying before the Monument of Independence and Humanism by the heads of foreign delegations, heads of governments, representatives of foreign delegations and other official guests in accordance with state protocol.

4. To inform that official wreath-laying ceremony before the Monument of Independence and Humanism will be conducted by the Tashkent city khokimiyat on celebration of holidays, related to independent development, national values, professional holidays, festivities and forums.

5. In cooperation with Uzbekturism national company the khokimiyat of Tashkent must provide necessary conditions for attendance of the Independence square, the Monument of Independence and Humanism, the memory square by the residents and guests, tourist groups".

The globe of Uzbekistan on campus, Tashkent. Photo of Ferghana.Ru

In other words, the globe of Uzbekistan is announced as important state symbol, while the heads of foreign states and representatives of foreign delegations must visit this monument and lay wreaths. Thank God, they are not forced to valve…

On the other hand, the emergence of the globe in Bukhara undermined current subordination: the main globe of the nation is located at the main square in Tashkent while the globes in other locations must be of less size. Since the globe in Bukhara is the biggest in Uzbekistan it is not clear which of these globes is more important. We can only hope that the President will help clarify this mess and issue special decree, regulating the status of all globes in Uzbekistan. It also has to be mentioned that the creative potential of Islam Karimov is still not depleted and, perhaps, he will come up with something new.

Khush Kelibsizov