29 january 2020

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New oppositional Popular Movement of Uzbekistan instigates civil disobedience

21.04.2011 12:21 msk

Ferghana News Agency


A new oppositional movement, called “Popular movement of Uzbekistan” recently created on the basis of the “Union of May 13”, which in turn, was set up in 2009 upon the platform of the ERK Democratic Party, organization of “Andijon: adolat va Tiklanish Tashkiloti” and the “Tayanch” society has made its initial statement. It follows from the statement that at least “two more oppositional organizations that operate covertly in Uzbekistan” have joined the Union along with “many individuals”.

The statement of the Popular movement of Uzbekistan reads further as follows: “For over twenty years the opposition in Uzbekistan is trying to reverse the political situation by engaging in elections. Thus, it uses democratic tools in order to fight down the anti-democratic power of a dictator backed by police, army and special services armed to the teeth!”

“We’ve decided to employ a system of struggle that can overcome the authoritarian nature of the ruling regime and respond adequately to the acts of tyranny”, the PMU’ statement continues. This is seen as the reason for creation of the PMU as a response to the existing challenges, meeting the “popular demands from the social groups that have been severely oppressed as a result of the regime’s policies”.

The Popular movement of Uzbekistan aims to organize the united front of the opposition relying upon the popular support. The statement concludes with an appeal to all “patriotic forces” to “liberate the Motherland from tyranny!”

PMU’s platform: struggle against the tyranny

The PMU has chosen the following quotation from the Universal declaration of human rights as its overarching motto: It is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.

It follows from the PMU’s program that fighting against the tyranny by demanding democratization makes as little sense as “preaching to a wild boar that attacks you”.

Therefore, the PMU instigates civil disobedience and insists that the population should ignore presidential decrees. “If, in response, the authorities refrain to bloodshed as in Andijon, we dare say that we have enough power to rebuff”, the PMU’s program claims.

Yet, the PMU underlines that “our struggle is not terrorism. We believe that Islam condemns terrorism. We do not consider terror as a means of resistance. We begin our struggle in the name of the almighty God for the sake of freedom of belief. Our intentions are pure: to put an end to the bloody tyranny, and build a new state based on the principles of high morality, humanism, human rights and freedoms.”

Popular movement of Uzbekistan has no intention to interfere into internal and external affairs of other nations and opens up to contacts with “anyone who is not supportive of the Karimov’s regime, including political parties in opposition and dissatisfied officials within the existing government.”

PMU calls upon “brotherly neighboring nations, Russian Federation, Islamic countries and the Western world” to support the struggle against the Uzbekistan’s dictator.

Fergana News Agency has recently found out that the PMU’s activists have decided to convene the Council of founders in order to discuss and get approval for the renewed program. The convention is scheduled for May 2011.