29 september 2020

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Doctors in Uzbekistan on cotton fields: “Impossible to refuse”

03.07.2013 00:01 msk


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The Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights compiled and distributed a new video clip on the forced labor of doctors and other medicine-related professionals to weeding cotton fields in Uzbekistan.

“Uzbekistan started mobilizing the population for weeding cotton as of mid-May,” says the project author and journalist Umida Niyazova. “College students, teachers, doctors and other state employees were [forcibly] recruited for fieldworks.”

The video clip features documented testimonies of doctors and medical professionals who were forced to assist farmers at no cost to harvest the “white gold.”

That said, the government does not acknowledge its use of forced labor.

“Instead of refusing to exploit the population, which in itself is a horrendous and unacceptable phenomenon in today’s world, the Uzbekistan government prefers to accuse human rights activists in allegedly politicized approach to this very real problem,” the clip author says.

Fergana international information agency.