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Conference on FREE PRESS DAY to take place on Osh (Kyrgyzstan)

28.04.2004 00:00 msk

Press release

Index on Censorship (Great Britain) organizes a major conference on Free Press Day on the basis of the Osh Media Resource Center. Slated for April 30 and May 1, 2004, the conference is to take place within the framework of the independent and progressive media development assistance program. It may be added as well that the program also applies to individual journalists working in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Almost 100 representatives of newspapers, state structures, international organizations, and civil groups from Central Asia, Russia, and distant foreign countries will meet to discuss problems of free speech, censorship, activities of the media in Central Asia. The discussion will be centered around human rights, domestic violence, suicides, slavery, juvenile prostitution, AIDS, influence and development of Internet as a media resource. Media centers will present reports on their activities within the system of the independent media support in the Ferghana Valley.

The program of the conference includes a series of debates and some entertainment - Colors of Orient mime troupe performance, Desert Exhibition reels, and a photo exhibition Free Speech Through the Viewfinder. The winner will get a prize from Index on Censorship.

Operating within the framework of the program, Index on Censorship has organized courses for radio journalists of the countries adjacent to the Ferghana Valley. The courses aim at organization of fully fledged and unbiased programs on the subject of free speech in Central Asia and border problems. Along with everything else, the matter concerns exchange of experience among journalists and the instructor (Michael Andersen, Denmark's Radio, Index on Censorship). The courses will take place between April 27 and 29, 2004.


Additional information: Osh Media Resource Center was established by UNESCO Central Asian Mission in Alma-Ata and USIS Department of the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan in 1996 to assist independent electronic and printed media in Osh. These days, Osh Media Resource Center assists the media in southern Kyrgyzstan making resources available, upping professionalism of journalists, and protecting and promoting interests of journalists and the media.

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