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Namangan governor (Ferghana region) sacked for inadequacy

20.09.2004 17:22 msk

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Ferghana Valley

Emergency meeting of the Namangan regional kengash (committee) of people's deputies took place on September 17, 2004. President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov addressed the meeting.

According to Karimov, the population of the region contributes to the development of the country greatly - particularly in the sphere of light industry and activities of scientific and cultural establishments.

A considerable role in economic development of the region is played by structural reforms and establishment of several joint ventures with foreign investments like Nestle and Pap-Fen.

The president mentioned shortcomings as well: abuse of power, neglect of state property, embezzlement of land. The president condemned the regional administration for nepotism and abuses that collided with the principles of justice.

The situation in the region demanded urgent measures and the meeting of the kengash relieved Khokim Tulkin Dzhabbarov of his duties.

On Karimov's recommendation (a.k.a. order), the meeting elected Ikromon Nadzhmiddinov, until then minister of agriculture and water of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as the new khokim.


The post of minister of agriculture and water is a kind of jumping board for future promotions. Tashkent khokim Saidullo Begaliyev was the minister this March. He was promoted to the Andizhan khokim two months later (on May 25). Nadzhmiddinov spent but six months as the minister before becoming the Namangan khokim.