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The son of the Ferghana regional prosecutor decapitated secretary of the Andizhan governor

01.10.2004 15:41 msk

Staff correspondent

Ferghana Valley

Headlines like that are usually found in cheap tabloids specializing in scandals or banners in Internet making an emphasis on garish sensations that turn up to be canards. All the same, the rumors on the horrible murder circulate in the Andizhan region, getting grislier and grislier with the passage of time.

According to grapevine, the girl was the secretary even under Khokim (Governor) Obidov. There are the rumors that she was privy to numerous secrets of her ex-patron and "secret lives" of the regional nomenclature. Regional prosecutor Umatillo Shamsiyev (he has been Andizhan prosecutor for years) is certainly one of the elite. There are also the rumors that since professional killers were in short supply, Shamsiyev was compelled to contract his own son.

All these rumors could be neglected (particularly since there must be professional rumor-mongers in the Andizhan region) but for a single nuance: the fact of the murder is confirmed by several policemen and officials of the regional administration.

Running the risk of being regarded as rumor-mongers too, we will nevertheless try to reconstruct the crime. That it is a crime and not a political matter we are convinced.

That evening, the girl from Governor Begaliyev's secretariat was sitting in a cafe when some young men joined her. Ferghana prosecutor's son was one of them. They somehow managed to persuade the girl to take a ride with them.

The ride ended in decapitation and the burning of the body.

But why so horrible a way? When the girl was sexually molested, the criminals must have recognized that she was more than just a hapless chick and decided to get rid of the body by making it unidentifiable. For some reason, they failed to do what they had intended.

Bringing up their unruly kids is becoming a problem for Andizhan officials. Among other things, Obidov was sacked for the pranks of his son. Even President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov was forced to admit it in his address to the Andizhan regional legislature.

Akhmadzhon Kaziyev's lot is another example. Once the Andizhan top cop, he rose to commander of the Surkhandarja Internal Affairs Directorate - and was sacked for anti-constitutional and criminal activities of his nephew Murodillo Kaziyev...

According to what information this news agency has compiled, Shamsiyev resigned as soon as the news of the murder became public knowledge. The position is vacant for the time being.