3 june 2020

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Explosion in Osh during the arrest of extremists

22.11.2004 16:28 msk

Leili Akilova

Ferghana Valley

Special forces of the Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan mounted Law and Order Operation in Osh, the second largest city of the republic, on November 21. Four young men failed to produce identification, were detained, and driven to the municipal Internal Affairs Directorate. When the police UAZ pulled over in front of the building and three detainees were already out and escorted to the door, the fourth snatched a hand grenade from his pocket. He himself and a serviceman of special forces perished in the explosion. Three other detainees made use of the confusion and escaped.

Intercept Plan was invoked in Kyrgyzstan. Law enforcement agencies are trying to establish the dead man's identity and find the escapees. Preliminary reports indicate that they may be members of a radical Islamic movement of Wahhabi.