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English version of Arena website opens

25.02.2005 11:06 msk


Media Review

After almost one year of operation, the Committee for freedom of speech and expression (Uzbekistan) is pleased to announce launch of the English version of its website Arena (Freeuz.org).

Along with the launch of the English version, changes were introduced in the structure of the Russian version of the website, which focuses on development and problems of mass media of Uzbekistan. In particular, new sections like Interview, Quotes, Documents and Media catalog were launched.

The English version of Arena was set up to familiarize a wider audience with the latest developments in the Uzbek media and includes the main sections present in the Russian version, namely News, Analysis, Interview, Documents, Journalists and the Media catalog.

Arena (Freeuz.org) website was created in March 2004 with the assistance of the Central Asian and Southern Caucasus Freedom of Expression Network (CASCFEN), which is based in Azerbaijan.