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USAID introduces meteor burst communication system

17.09.2002 00:00 msk

Press release

USAID introduces meteor burst communication system to improve data exchange between hydromets of Central Asian countries

On September 18, 2002 representatives of Hydromets from all five countries of Central Asia will gather for a workshop at the Kazakh Hydromet in Almaty to discuss a new system of data exchange using Meteor Burst Communication. Organized by USAID's Central Asia Natural Resources Management Program (NRMP), workshop participants include international and regional agencies such as the World Bank, International Fund for the Aral Sea (IFAS), Global Environmental Facility (GEF), Swiss Aral Sea Mission, Interstate Commission for Water Coordination (ICWC) and a U.S. company called Meteor Communications Corporation (MCC) are expected to attend.

Every day billions of mircometeors, as small as a grain of sand, burst in the Earth's atmosphere at a height of 80 - 120 km. These bursts leave ionized trails that diffuse rapidly and have a life period of a few seconds. However, during their brief existence they reflect radio waves of very high frequency and can serve as a source of radio communications. This fantastic technology, formerly used for military purposes, provides a reliable long-range radio communication channel. In addition, the equipment needed for this system requires minimal maintenance costs.

The system is very cost-effective and easy to maintain. MCC, the pioneer and world's leader in this field, will be installing the equipment and NRMP will provide training support on how to use and maintain the system. With the new technology, the Hydromet staff will now be able to transmit data collected from the entire region at hydroposts, hydrometeorological stations and transboundary water monitoring stations directly to all five national hydromet centers located in Tashkent, Almaty, Ashgabat, Dushanbe, and Bishkek. This will help significantly improve river flow forecast and data exchange, resulting in better water resources management and economic growth in the region.

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