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Appeal of the Community of Uzbeks of Kyrgyzstan

17.05.2005 15:40 msk

Press release

Being ethnic Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan, we have decided to express our attitude towards the current state of affairs in the neighbouring country. We, the Community of Uzbeks of Kyrgyzstan, follow no political and/or religious goals, and the below appeal is to be considered not more than as an evaluation of the current situation in Uzbekistan, and the Uzbek territories that border with Kyrgyzstan.

Following no aim whatsoever to interfere into internal affairs of Uzbekistan, we wish to disseminate the following appeal that contains our view and evaluation of the current state of affairs:

We are deeply touched by the bloody events in Andijan and hereby express our deepest condolences to relatives and next of kin of those who have perished and suffered during these events in the Uzbek south.

We deem certain that the events on 13 May that left so many innocent civilians killed, were provoked exclusively by the authoritarian policy of Uzbek President Islam Karimov and those around him. Islam Karimov has been employing the policy of complete human rights violation, oppressing freedom, repressions, demolition of free mass media, restricting trade and businesses and exiling dissidents.

Security structures of Uzbekistan have used firearms against peaceful and unarmed people who were merely speaking out against the oppressive policy of Karimov. He had had all the chances, opportunities and possibilities to regulate the latest events in a peaceful way. However, in spite of this fact, he has preferred to employ violence and bloodshed.

The community of Uzbeks of Kyrgyzstan urges the international community and human rights organizations in Uzbekistan to force the Uzbek authorities to face the fact of shooting to death peaceful and unarmed civilians as a result of acts and orders from state authorities and not as a result of provocation from terrorist or radical Islamic groups that are being accused of organizing and fulfilling the seizure of the prison and all other events thence unfolding in Andijan.

Islam Karimov's office has lost all legitimacy and moral right to rule over and represent the Uzbek nation. We find Islam Karimov personally guilty and responsible for bloodshed in Andijan on 13 and 14 May, 2005. We also find him guilty in sufferings of the overall Uzbek nation that it had undergone for 15 years of his dictatorship regime's ruling. We think that Karimov is a criminal after what has occurred both throughout his reigning period and the recent events in Andijan, and that he will stand before just court sooner or later. We also think there is no any imaginable excuse for officials, officers and soldiers who opened fire at children, seniors and women. They had the choice to disobey orders in this case!

Along with other democratic forces both in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and beyond, we urge the international community to immediately condemn Islam Karimov and his accomplices for using arms and violence against peaceful rally participants and innocent civilians, up to severing diplomatic ties with official Tashkent.

We urge all democracy-oriented groups within Uzbekistan to unite and adhere to non-violent means of fighting for democracy and freedom. The example of our country - Kyrgyzstan - suggests that democracy and freedom must be achieved via exclusively peaceful ways and methods with no violence or repression or whatsoever of this type being employed for doing so.

* * *

The community of Uzbeks of Kyrgyzstan was established in autumn of 2004 by young Uzbek-speaking Kyrgyz nationals who now live, work and study in different parts of the world. In spite of the fact that the bigger part of our community is away from our motherland at the moment, we attentively follow all processes there and do not remain idle observers. We are deeply affected by everything that has to do with Kyrgyzstan.

We aim to involve the youth in Kyrgyzstan, especially its Uzbek-speaking component, in the life of our country via exchange of information on events both at home and abroad; stimulate and encourage open discussion of problems in our country and the role of ethnic minorities in Kyrgyzstan in their solution.

Our activities are also aimed at increasing the knowledge of visitors/tourists in history, culture, traditions, the linguistic heritage, values and hopes of Uzbek-speaking Kyrgyz citizens.

The community of Uzbeks of Kyrgyzstan does not have narrow nationalistic or religious aims; it neither supports political parties and/or public unions nor vice versa; it is not financed by concealed and/or illegal sources.

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