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An update on events in Andizhan on your cell phone screen

18.05.2005 17:18 msk

Staff correspondent


Project Cell Reporter is under way. The project was designed for proliferation of information in crises. In this particular case it aims to fill the informational vacuum and make the nation aware of what is happening in Andizhan. User needs a phone with WAP-service available. To get the latest news, he or she has to open URL http://winksite.com/amn/mr and choose "Andizhan". Access to the Internet-emulator of the website is also available at http://winksite.com/amn/mr.

Cell Reporter operates round the clock. Information is available in Lightning mode, i.e. 160-320 symbols. Headlines are published in English, texts in English and Russian (Latin letters). Cell Reporter does not make use of sources of other media outlets. All information is provided by its own staff correspondent in Andizhan. Hot news by Ferghana.Ru news agency are also available.

Project Cell Reporter