5 august 2020

About Ferghana agency

Ferghana.Ru Information Agency

Media Outlet Certificate of Registration (Ministry of Press, TV- and Radio Broadcasting, and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation): EL No 77-4732, August 10, 2001, Moscow. Tel.: +7(985)072-76-11 (Moscow). E-mail: dan@kislov.ru (Daniil Kislov, Editor-in-chief).

Ferghana.Ru news agency was established in the fall 1998 when Ferghana Community web site was set up. Ferghana.Ru news agency is one of the most popular resources dealing with the life of Central Asian countries of the former USSR. With correspondents in every major city of the region, Ferghana.Ru news agency offers its clients the latest information.


- news from Ferghana, Uzbekistan, and Central Asia; - political, economic, cultural, and military information from Central Asian countries; - relations between Russia and CIS countries; - terrorism, armed conflicts; - ethnography and anthropology; - art and literature; - religion; - high life and value of individual.


- monitoring of paper and electronic media outlets in Russia and Central Asia; - reviews and on-line reports on current events; - archive materials and records; - news e-mail delivery; - analytical surveys; - political consulting; - marketing studies.

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Editorial staff:

Daniil Kislov (editor), Maria Yanovskaya (editor), Feruza Jani (politics), Alex Shatlovsky (web-programming), A.Tura (Uzbek webpage), Ekaterina Ivaschenko (representative in Kyrgyzstan).