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Central Asia news: Ferghana Valley

Uzbekistan: “You need to die to reach Sokh”

Uzbekistan: “You need to die to reach Sokh”

24.01.2013 09:55 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

The Kyrgyz-Uzbek border in the Fergana Valley remains closed and inaccessible on both sides. The status quo leaves citizens of respective countries a few choices to deal with it and resolve daily issues: buying food, trade, and observing religious rituals. Several visitors of the Fergana website and other voluntary informants told us about their life in blockade. It appears that despite tensions between Tashkent and Bishkek and the stalemate over the exact location of borderlines, local authorities, border guards, and businessmen are able to negotiate and compromise even in extreme situations. Apparently people learned how to live with each other and deal with day-to-day issues despite the conflicts at the highest echelons of power several hundred kilometers away…

Kyrgyzstan's Osh Mayor Myrzakmatov: The city savior and Man of Year?

Kyrgyzstan's Osh Mayor Myrzakmatov: The city savior and Man of Year?

10.01.2013 16:02 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Is Melis Myrzakmatov really such a significant personality for Southern Kyrgyzstan? Is he really who he says he is? We talked to a native resident of Osh, who wished to remain anonymous, about this. He says Myrzakmatov is only pulling wool on people’s eyes and cares about his own personal benefit alone. “This is just another PR stunt. He has donned the crown of a restorer and is now walking around with it. It is sad to know that our mayor is just a conspicuous individual, and journalists are supporting that,” N. says.

Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan: Incident leads to hostage taking, mutual accusations

Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan: Incident leads to hostage taking, mutual accusations

09.01.2013 14:12 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

“At around 1800 hours on 5 January, some 50 Uzbek citizens approached the [Kyrgyz] Charbak border outpost. A road designates the borderline there, albeit it is jointly used [by both Uzbek and Kyrgyz citizens]. There were six or seven concrete [electricity] poles erected on the Uzbek territory (beyond the demarcated borderline). These people came and said the poles were erected in a wrong location. Additionally, there were holes dug [for new poles] and an informal leader [among the aforementioned Uzbek citizens] demanded they be filled up. “In the morning of 6 January, some 1,000 people came [from Uzbekistan] and were rather aggressive. Despite Kyrgyz border guards’ warning shots, they started pulling the poles down. A local [Kyrgyz] police officer was there, but they did not listen to him. Moreover, he was beaten up and his vehicle was totally damaged. Then the border guards (the Charbak outpost commander and a soldier) fired warning shots into the air. The crowd stepped back and the police officer was saved. The crowd then moved onto the village of Hushyar and tore down 10 new poles and 15 older ones, which were erected 15-20 years ago…”

Living in Osh: Cheremushki, tourists, mazaar, lepeshki and bazaar

Living in Osh: Cheremushki, tourists, mazaar, lepeshki and bazaar

16.03.2012 10:45 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Early March 2012. Another trip to the city of Osh in the south of Kyrgyzstan. In the last two years I have visited this place quite often and every time I come across some new development in the Kyrgyz-Uzbeks relationship. Indeed, there is no saying that life in Osh is fully back on the normal track. One thing for sure - the life goes on. First thing to do in Osh is to visit the “Cheremushki”, a residential area that suffered most in the June 2010 events, In June 2011, citizens were worried that the city’s mayor did not want to have the houses rebuilt. A local woman told me that donors were ready to start the reconstruction and waited for a permission but “mayor Myrzakmatov would not issue such a permission, as he wants to compel Uzbeks away and use the free land anyway he wants”.

Kyrgyzstan: A nazi and a drug lord in charge of police in Osh?

Kyrgyzstan: A nazi and a drug lord in charge of police in Osh?

17.01.2012 10:42 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

On January 11, a new chief of police was appointed in the Osh city police department. According to the local online news agency, the new police chief Suyun Omurzakov used to be a deputy minister of interior and a representative of the Kyrgyz ministry of interior in Russian Federation. Personnel of the Osh city police department confessed that new appointment of Mr. Omurzakov came out of the blue. In various media, Mr. Omurzakov has been regularly called a very influential drug lord, a leader of organized criminal groups and a loyal supporter of the former president Bakiev.

A Murder in Kyrgyzstan. Is a prominent human rights activist also a cop killer?

A Murder in Kyrgyzstan. Is a prominent human rights activist also a cop killer?

12.06.2011 22:33 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

The night before he was stabbed and burned to death, a small-town cop named Maktybek Suleimanov brushed off his wife's pleas that he stay home and sit out the commotion on the streets. Suleimanov had wanted to be a policeman ever since he was a kid growing up in this turbulent corner of Central Asia. He'd ask his mother to pin strips of fabric to his t-shirt so they'd resemble rank insignia. Sometimes he'd go so sleep that way. Now Suleimanov was 41 years old, had four kids of his own, and wore real shoulder straps of a police captain. A broad-faced ethnic Kyrgyz with a buzz-cut and a thin mustache, Suleimanov was a gregarious man who liked to sing at family gatherings. He had been a cop for 20 years.

Osh: Winter in Transitional Housing

Osh: Winter in Transitional Housing

27.02.2011 20:56 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

In June last year, the southern Kyrgyz city of Osh was struck by a terrible tragedy. In the inter-communal conflict - provoked by cruel and cynical gangsters - more than four hundred people were killed and thousands were injured. Hundreds of private homes were looted and burned down. As things gradually died down, refugees returning to the their neighborhoods found they no longer had anywhere to live. In autumn, with the help of foreign donors, the authorities began building transitional housing for victims of the violence. In this photo essay, "Ferghana" is looking at the conditions in which victims are now living now that real winter has reached southern Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan: Black lists of June

Kyrgyzstan: Black lists of June

16.12.2010 15:25 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

The workers of Kylym Shamy human rights center (Kyrgyzstan) conducted serious work and prepared a revised list of people, killed in the June tragedy. The list is not final yet and it does not have all the last names of deceased people. There are still 36 unidentified bodies and some missing people, but the Kylym Shamy representatives decided to publish their own information about victims and caused damage, since official information is still not available. Aziza Abdirasulova, the head of Kylym Shamy, shared with Ferghana correspondent about the work, how the list was prepared and how it differs from official information.

Kyrgyzstan: People are condemned for unusual call to prayer and call for help

Kyrgyzstan: People are condemned for unusual call to prayer and call for help

30.09.2010 09:53 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

The number of trials over the instigators of Osh conflict is in progress in southern Kyrgyzstan. The list of defendants has no policemen, representatives of authorities or real criminals, deeply involved in the bloodshed. The list of convicts mainly includes the civilians and also, by the way, ethnic Uzbeks. Thus, 4 locals were convicted in the Kara-Suu district for alleged incitement of ethnic hatred in the night of June 11, 2010. Also allegedly, they were using the religious faith places – the minarets of the mosques. Other district dwellers, adjacent to the city of Osh, were sentenced to three years of jail because they had written down SOS at the road near their houses.

Medecins Sans Frontieres reports continuous violence in south Kyrgyzstan

Medecins Sans Frontieres reports continuous violence in south Kyrgyzstan

29.07.2010 15:03 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), an international humanitarian and medical aid organization, says that it observes violence in south Kyrgyzstan on daily basis. It produced a movie, dedicated to its work in Kyrgyzstan and disseminated message in English and French, reporting continuous violence and gap between Kyrgyz and Uzbek communities, fear and distrust that undermine normal life and that ethnic Uzbeks in Osh and Jalal-Abad oblasts, as well as one month ago, cannot access medical aid.

Osh chronicles: The residents of the devastated Teshik-Tash residential area are still waiting for local authorities to pay attention to them

Osh chronicles: The residents of the devastated Teshik-Tash residential area are still waiting for local authorities to pay attention to them

22.07.2010 17:19 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Ferghana.Ru presents the serious of reports on contemporary life in the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan after the catastrophic violence of the second decade of June. Where do the residents of devastated houses live? What do they eat and what do they think about? What does the government do in their support? How the representatives of different ethnic groups, involved or not involved in the open conflict, treat each other? The first story is dedicated to the victims from Teshik-Tash Uzbek residential area.

War in the South of Kyrgyzstan: Present for Bakiev or Osh, STOP!

13.06.2010 18:06 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Starting from evening of June 12th the Interim Government of Kyrgyzstan introduced the round the clock curfew in the cities of Osh and Uzgen, as well as in Karasuu and Aravan districts of Osh Oblast (Osh Region). According to the official regulation, no civilian is allowed to be outside of their dwellings without special papers, conditions, or permits. This extreme measure illustrates well the catastrophic situation shaping up in southern Kyrgyzstan. A situation that was impossible to imagine even 1 week ago: “Never get out of the house, otherwise you will be killed”.

Southern Kyrgyzstan: May the criminal fights lead to ethnic conflicts?

Southern Kyrgyzstan: May the criminal fights lead to ethnic conflicts?

06.05.2010 16:59 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

In the night of April 30 – May 1 the members of the local organized criminal group attempted to impose additional burden on the entrepreneurs, importing the vehicles from South Korea. The actions took place at the unloading railway station in the Kyrgyz city of Osh. As a result both parties got involved in the mass fight. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. On the other hand, another "street" conflict between the criminals and entrepreneurs could turn into ethnic conflict. The point is that racketeers were of Kyrgyz origin while the businessmen were represented by Uzbek nationals.

The conflicts at Kyrgyz-Uzbek border became more frequent

The conflicts at Kyrgyz-Uzbek border became more frequent

19.01.2010 13:56 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

On January 17 another armed incident took place at the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border: the Uzbek border guards wounded Kyrgyz guard at Kyrgyz territory and took him to Uzbekistan. The conflicts at Kyrgyz-Uzbek border are frequently originated by both sides. Among the reasons there are unauthorized interference of the border guards to the territory of neighboring state, the move of cattle, water use, illegal fees for crossing the border and conveyance of goods. Ordinarily Uzbek media do not cover the border conflicts, but in 2010 two of them broke with the precedent

Ferghana.Ru: 10 years of news-wire

Ferghana.Ru: 10 years of news-wire

17.08.2009 14:17 msk Ferghana Valley Central Asia

"Tajik-Uzbek relations are exacerbating again. The reason is the bomb strike, caused by Uzbek air force to the objects in Tajikistani territory. On the other hand, the escalation of conflict is not expected…" This is not current news, but the piece of events, which took place in August of 1999. The Ferghana.Ru news line was launched by the republication of Moscow-based Kommersant news 10 years ago. At that time Ferghana.Ru was not full-scale information agency. This was amateur web-site that was made and edited by single person. In fact, the web-site of Ferghana society had been launched in RUnet one year earlier in the autumn of 1998. On July 23, 1999 the visitors were already able to access Ferghana.Ru. In August of 1999 "the Batken events" immediately made Ferghana valley known all over the world.

Shootings at Kyrgyz-Uzbek border

11.06.2009 17:20 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

The tragedy, which took place at Kyrgyz-Uzbek border on June 7th, became the reason of disturbance among the population of Karasuu city in the Osh Oblast of Kyrgyzstan, the birthplace of killed Ulugbek Usmanov. It has to be mentioned that 29 year old citizen of Kyrgyzstan Ulugbek Usmanov was shot dead by the border guards of Uzbekistan while illegally crossing the state border. «The accident took place in the territory of Uzbekistan, 50 meters away from Jany-Turmush checkpoint – the source in the local law enforcement bodies informs. – Ulugbek was shot dead after two caution shots».

The residents of Chek village in the border area are asking to relocate them to Kyrgyzstan

04.06.2009 13:16 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

The residents of Chek village, located at Kyrgyz-Uzbek border addressed the second letter to the President of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiev where they are complaining about "provocative acts of Uzbekistan" that are being intensified today. The village dwellers demanded Bakiev to relocate them to Kyrgyzstan, paying compensation and offering land. If these requirements are not fulfilled the local people are going to start protest actions.

Soviet-Era Uranium Waste Sites Now Threaten Central Asia

Soviet-Era Uranium Waste Sites Now Threaten Central Asia

20.05.2009 14:30 msk Ferghana Valley Tajikistan

Storage sites for uranium tailings that were built in Soviet times in Tajikistan are now leaking radiation into the surrounding atmosphere and ground water supplies, undermining the health and well-being of the people of a republic and a broader region that lack the resources to clean up a problem that it did nothing to create. At three formerly “closed” locations in Tajikistan - Taboshar, Chkalovsk and Adrasman -- Soviet state enterprises mined uranium and left enormous piles of radioactive tailings in poorly constructed containment areas. After 1991, the mines closed – in many cases, the veins were running out – but the problems remain.

Kyrgyzstan: Three journalists became the winners of Alisher Saipov annual award

12.05.2009 15:47 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

On May 12, 2009 the Alisher Saipov annual award for achievements in journalism was presented in Osh, the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan. Young journalists from southern Kyrgyzstan became the winners in three nominations. Next year the geography of award will cover entire republic.

Disabled child from the Ferghana Children's Home needs highly specialized aid

Disabled child from the Ferghana Children's Home needs highly specialized aid

16.05.2008 21:42 msk Ferghana Valley Russia

Children are placed in orphanages for different reasons and under different situations. Some are placed there pending recovery of a mother’s health or finances. Others are orphans, while a third group find themselves undesirable to their parents. The child recently admitted to the Ferghana Children's Home had been desirable…. until his appearance following his birth shocked his family. "The family is quite fine by social and moral standards. This was their firstborn, a boy of normal weight - but without arms and legs. He has no arms below his elbows and no legs below his shins," according to head physician, Rano Davidbayeva.

Kyrgyzstan: Alisher Saipov Awards go to gallant journalists

Kyrgyzstan: Alisher Saipov Awards go to gallant journalists

05.05.2008 09:29 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Alisher Saipov Award ceremony took place in Osh, the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan, on the International Day of Free Media on May 3. The award bears the name of Saipov, Sijesat [Politics] editor assassinated in Osh on October 24, 2007. Three young journalists became the first laureates. Sahira Nazarova of Pravo Dlya Vsekh received the award for human rights issues coverage, Ilhom Abdukahharov of Mezon-TV for dauntless journalism, and Minaiym Ysabayeva (teenager writing for a local newspaper) for reports on ethnic problems.

Kyrgyzstan: Attempt to have children cured resulted in contamination and loss of family

Kyrgyzstan: Attempt to have children cured resulted in contamination and loss of family

07.04.2008 20:57 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Families of the children who ended up with HIV when hospitalized are denied what aid from the state they are entitled to. Mothers of two such children went public in Osh, southern Kyrgyzstan, and met with journalists. The mothers' press conference was organized by non-governmental organization Rainbow. Organizers say that the women under the assumed names of Saida and Feruza had even okayed TV cameras at first but this option was eventually reconsidered for fear of harassment.

Kyrgyz authorities neglect disturbing forecasts by seismic experts

Kyrgyz authorities neglect disturbing forecasts by seismic experts

16.01.2008 19:38 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Two days before the January quake seismic experts had warned Prime Minister Igor Chudinov about possible earthquake strokes in Osh province, but in vain. Hardly overcoming the quake consequences, the authorities hold on neglecting forecasts and omitting any actions. Notwithstanding that a hazardous fault line runs under the President Kurmanbek Bakiev's residency.

Fergana Valley: Osh oblast hit by strong earthquake

03.01.2008 20:39 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

A strong earthquake measuring 5.5-6 magnitude on the Richter scale hit mountains surrounding the Ferghana valley on December 31- January 1. The epicenter of a series of violent shocks was in Papan village, Osh oblast, the head of the Southern Interregional Ministry of Emergency Situations Kenzhebaev P. informed the news agency Ferghana.Ru.

Uzbekistan: Rise in women crime and self-killing impends Andijan

23.12.2007 17:44 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

755 crimes committed by women have been recorded in the Andijan oblast for the last 11 months, the Andijan oblast office of the public prosecutor reported. 142 women committed suicides.

Kyrgyzstan: Ombudsman Tursunbai Bakir uulu condemns Tashkent for Alisher Saipov's assassination

06.11.2007 14:11 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Ombudsman Tursunbai Bakir uulu called a press conference in Bishkek today to pronounce once again that "official Tashkent is involved in assassination of journalist Alisher Saipov."

Osh governor visited the family of assassinated journalist Alisher Saipov

02.11.2007 13:51 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Governor Jantoro Satybaldiyev paid a visit to the family of Alisher Saipov, journalist assassinated in Osh on October 24. The governor prayed for Saipov and offered condolences to his father (the two had worked together once). Satybaldiyev said law enforcement agencies were doing everything possible to solve the crime.

Who ordered Alisher Saipov's assassination?

29.10.2007 18:13 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

This piece was to appear on the Ferghana.Ru web site somewhat earlier, a piece on publications by Uzbek authors under Kyrgyz aliases directed against Alisher Saipov. As things are, however, I'm writing about his physical extermination.

Kyrgyz ombudsman accuses Uzbek secret services of Alisher Saipov's assassination

29.10.2007 08:35 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

BBC reports that the Kyrgyz ombudsman suspects Uzbek secret services' involvement in the tragic death of journalist Alisher Saipov. "What information is available to Kyrgyz secret services indicates that the journalist was marked for assassination by secret services of Uzbekistan," BBC quoted Tursunbai Bakir-uulu as saying.

Alisher who did become ALISHER SAIPOV

26.10.2007 18:59 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Very many take time to emerge, just like a photo does in a dark room. They begin with coming to be regarded as "promising" and some even live up to the expectations in due time. Some, not all. The majority, however, end up just like that - with once being regarded as promising their principal achievement.

Alisher Saipov - the pride of the people

26.10.2007 18:57 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

His life was brief but blazing. He was a genuine journalist, a man ever in search of information, a man capable of understanding everyone from Islamists to technocrats. What really counts, however, is that he was a true patriot of his people. His outstanding personality combined an astute mind, creativity, tenacity rare even in journalists, and an amazing degree of tact and high moral standards.

Prominent journalist killed in southern Kyrgyzstan

Prominent journalist killed in southern Kyrgyzstan

25.10.2007 01:47 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns today’s murder in southern Kyrgyzstan of Alisher Saipov, editor of the independent Uzbek-language weekly Siyosat (Politics) and contributor to several regional news outlets. Saipov was shot three times at a close range at around 7 p.m. in downtown Osh, a city bordering Uzbekistan, by an unknown gunman using a silencer, according to CPJ sources in the region. He died at the scene.

Where Uzbekistan is heading or Comments on the state of affairs in Ferghana kishlaks

Where Uzbekistan is heading or Comments on the state of affairs in Ferghana kishlaks

24.10.2007 11:03 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

More and more letters come from Uzbekistan, and comments on the letters become more and more emotional. This state of affairs is caused by censorship in the Uzbek media. With the presidential election coming forth, the population does not even build vain hopes anymore. Without urging the reader to trust everything revealed by the authors, Ferghana.Ru does publish some of these letters because artless description from an ordinary man is sometimes more eye-catching than anything a professional journalist may come up with.

The Uzbek authorities forbid hired hands to seek jobs in Kyrgyzstan

17.10.2007 11:05 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Authorities of the Uzbek border districts forbid the locals to hire out to work cotton fields in Kyrgyzstan nearby. It costs Uzbeks their usual income and leaves Kyrgyz farmers without cheap workforce they need to harvest the crop.

Abolition of the visa regime between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan revived the Shahimardan enclave (photo)

Abolition of the visa regime between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan revived the Shahimardan enclave (photo)

29.08.2007 12:07 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Lake Kurban-Kul is once again within reach of pilgrims and tourists from Uzbekistan, after a decade-long break caused by natural cataclysms and political upheavals. The lake in question is Hazrat Ali's shrine and one of the most amazing sites in the Ferghana Valley. It is located not far from the small Uzbek enclave of Shahimardan, a famous resort during the Soviet era that all but became a no-entry zone in the 1990s. Changes for the better began in spring 2007 when Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan ratified a bilateral accord permitting their citizens visa-free travel to the other country for up to two months.

Transfer of the capital from Bishkek to Osh suggested again

29.08.2007 11:57 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Murat Jurayev, deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh of parliament, intends to have the nearest session discuss transfer of the capital from Bishkek to Osh in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan.

Uzbekistan: Andijan regional TV latinized the Russian language

08.08.2007 11:31 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Andijan regional TV converted Andijan Ahboroti, news program, into the Russian language again. Anchors are ethnic Uzbeks speaking fluent Russian, the news reported are strictly local. All captions that appear on TV screens are "latinized" Russian - everything including whole phrases.

The son of Andijan ex-governor detained in Russia and turned over to the Uzbek authorities

01.08.2007 10:04 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Well-informed and trustworthy sources claim that the son of Kobiljon Obidov, ex-hokim or governor of the Andijan region of Uzbekistan, was detained on the territory of Russia approximately a month ago and turned over to the Uzbek authorities.

Kyrgyzstan, Osh: Mount Suleiman needs protection

Kyrgyzstan, Osh: Mount Suleiman needs protection

27.07.2007 14:03 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz authorities have been trying to get UNESCO put the unique Mount Suleiman in central Osh on its World Heritage List for years - to no avail. The new construction project in the meantime may make Mount Suleiman ineligible because UNESCO permits no construction sites on the territories of objects under its protection.

Uzbek cultural expansion in Kyrgyzstan: what are the authorities going to do about it?

25.07.2007 11:45 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Observers comment on undeniable expansion of the Uzbek culture into the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan where more than half of the population of the country resides. The process is facilitated by closeness of Uzbekistan (whose cultural influence with the region is rooted in ages past) and ethnic factors. After all, between 700,000 and 1,000,000 Uzbeks (estimates vary) live in the southern Kyrgyzstan.

Gubernatorial meeting in Ferghana: timid attempt of international dialogue at the regional level

Gubernatorial meeting in Ferghana: timid attempt of international dialogue at the regional level

20.07.2007 18:27 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Leaders of six regions comprising the Ferghana Valley met on July 7, 2007. Three 7s is a once-a-century occasion but governor of the Sogdi region of Tajikistan missed the meeting. He would have become the seventh, adding another 7. In any case, leaders of six regions of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan had decided to organize their own informal Ferghana summit. What is it about and what is it worth?

Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan: Ferghana governors set up an informal forum

11.07.2007 11:32 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Janish Kurbanov, Deputy Governor of the Jalalabad region of Kyrgyzstan, says the heads of six regions of the Ferghana Valley decided to organize an informal Ferghana Summit.

Russian broadcasts are resumed in the Andijan region of Uzbekistan

04.07.2007 09:59 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Local correspondents report that TV stations in the Andijan region of Uzbekistan resume broadcasts for Russian-speakers. The Namangan regional TV network set the example by shifting its Asr news programme to the Russian language. The Andijan TV network followed suit. Andijon Ahboroti news program went on the air in Russia for the first time in years.

President of Uzbekistan ordered all Afghani starlings exterminated

03.07.2007 16:06 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Touring the regions, President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov never misses a chance to give instructions and issue orders to the local authorities and citizenry. One of the orders given on the latest tour specified extermination of Afghani starlings.

Uzbek weddings: a blessing or a curse?

Uzbek weddings: a blessing or a curse?

21.05.2007 11:51 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Uzbeks take justified pride in their ways and traditions including weddings known way beyond Uzbekistan itself. These ancient traditions are taking a definitely lopsided shape nowadays. They actually discredit uniqueness of the Uzbek culture and turn peoples' lives into hell. One of the latest Kuz Tegmasin [Preventing Malevolence] talk-shows regularly run by the Namangan regional TV network was dedicated to this matter precisely. Guests in the studio chose to discuss negative aspects of wedding traditions, much to their host's dismay.

National Security Service Olympics took place in Andijan

07.05.2007 09:53 msk Ferghana Valley Uzbekistan

Another Olympics took place in Andijan. Ferghana.Ru's most constant and dedicated readers, i.e. officials and servicemen of the National Security Service from three regions of the Ferghana Valley participated.

«Unfinished construction site» of the Kyrgyz revolution

«Unfinished construction site» of the Kyrgyz revolution

28.03.2007 10:54 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

The second anniversary of the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan was fouled up - at least in its cradle, the city of Jalalabad. It had been in Jalalabad, a city in the Kyrgyz part of the Ferghana Valley, that the chain of events started to eventually topple Askar Akayev's regime.

Kyrgyzstan: Ferghana.Ru publication: a follow-up

21.03.2007 12:00 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Osh city administration ordered insulting anti-Uzbek graffiti (at the intersection of Alisher Navoi Street and Aitiyev Street) painted over. City fathers believe that the perpetrators must have aimed at staging a provocation.

Insulting graffiti in Osh, Kyrgyzstan

19.03.2007 12:11 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Graffiti in Osh streets. Photo by Ferghana.Ru news agency
"Sarts, Get Out" (see photo) graffiti appealed at the intersections of Alisher Navoi and Aitiyev streets in the city of Osh. Who sprayed it on the walls of the building of the former municipal truck fleet or why is anybody's guess for the time being. The locals say that the graffiti appeared long ago but law enforcement agencies or authorities - local and regional - never paid attention. Literally thousands pass and drive by every day - Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Russians. The regional office of the Traffic Police is nearby, its officers regulating traffic right in front of the building in question. People see the graffiti without a murmur of protest. They pretend that they do not see this sprayed insult to the Uzbeks living in Osh since time out of mind.

Religious zest interferes with education

16.03.2007 13:31 msk Ferghana Valley Kyrgyzstan

Jangi Asr or New Age, Uzbek society in the city of Jalalabad in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan, appeals to imam of the city mosques to try and impart to the youth importance of secular education.

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