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Bishkek: The end of light and gas

Bishkek: The end of light and gas

20.12.2012 17:10 msk Business Kyrgyzstan

Frost has not lifted off Northern Kyrgyzstan for the past two weeks, reaching unfamiliar temperatures of -15 to -20 C. Now people often recall that only this autumn Kyrgyz officials assured the citizens that “the country is prepared for the winter season.” Of course everything turned out to be quite different. The people of Bishkek met winter face to face on 12 December, when gas was switched off in the suburbs and in some of the city’s boroughs. The situation got worse on 14 December, when the gas switch-off spread. Central heating has not been connected in all the houses in Bishkek, especially not in the newly built blocks, so the lack of gas became a catastrophe for Bishkek and its surroundings. People started using alternative methods of heating: stoves and heaters. The electricity grid could not handle the increase in pressure: electricity blackouts are back in the city.

Investigation: What happened to TeliaSonera in Uzbekistan?

Investigation: What happened to TeliaSonera in Uzbekistan?

15.10.2012 11:03 msk Business Uzbekistan

Communications company TeliaSonera has been shaken by a big scandal. A film shown on Swedish TV voiced suspicions that the management of this well known and large group of companies is involved in bribing powerful people and using corrupt business methods, in particular in regard to their Uzbekistan operations. The Swedish authorities reacted to the film quickly, and their police and independent auditors began an investigation, aiming to find out the legality of TeliaSonera’s deals to purchase companies in Uzbekistan. Following the initiative of their Swedish colleagues, Fergana has also decided to try to uncover the details of this curious and cautionary tale.

Gayane Avakyan and TeliaSonera or Swedish Krona for Googoosha

Gayane Avakyan and TeliaSonera or Swedish Krona for Googoosha

21.09.2012 09:49 msk Business Uzbekistan

On 19 September a Swedish public television current affairs program called Mission: Investigate (Uppdrag granskning) by journalists Sven Bergman, Joachim Dyfvermarkand and Fredrik Laurin, reported on Swedish telecommunications company TeliaSonera’s entrance to Uzbekistan. According to the programme, TeliaSonera paid $320 million to Gibraltar-based company Takilant Ltd, a “local Uzbek partner”, in exchange for 3G licenses and a series of Uzbek phone numbers, which allowed it to start operating in Uzbekistan.

MTS Uzbekistan court case: “Faster, faster!”

MTS Uzbekistan court case: “Faster, faster!”

14.09.2012 13:48 msk Business Uzbekistan

The case of Uzdunrobita, the Uzbekistan subsidiary of MTS, is swiftly moving towards the finish line. The hearings began on 27 August, and only in two weeks, the court managed to question all the participants and witnesses and publish case materials. Yesterday, on 12 September, oral arguments took place in the Tashkent city criminal court. Apart from absurd accusations about creating criminal groups to draw out capital, the managers of the company are accused of the regional subsidiaries operating without licenses. As Fergana discovered, the branch structure of the organisation was created by its previous owners and one of the most influential people in the country was directly involved in implementing it. It was most likely the same person who is hurrying the court and stands behind the seizure of the successful Russian business.

Planned Inefficiency in Uzbek Cotton Sector

03.07.2012 10:43 msk Business Uzbekistan

Pressure to meet production quotas is making life unbearable for many farmers in Uzbekistan, and some say they would sell up and emigrate if only they could. Although farmers are technically private leaseholders, they continue to be bound by a Soviet-style quota system for cotton, under which they have to grow at least 1.5 tons per hectare or face the consequences. They have to sell to government-controlled buyers at low prices, and the state then sells the cotton on the international market at a hefty mark-up.

Responsible Sourcing Networks recommends: Exposure to Uzbek cotton may seriously damage your reputation

Responsible Sourcing Networks recommends: Exposure to Uzbek cotton may seriously damage your reputation

07.06.2012 01:10 msk Business Uzbekistan

“From the field: Travels of Uzbek Cotton Through the Value Chain” is a recently published report on the specifics of the Uzbek cotton industry by the Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN). It represents a first part of a set of learning tools the RSN is developing for brands that want to know more about the production and characteristics of Uzbek cotton. Uzbekistan is the only country in the world where children are forced and organized by the government to harvest cotton which earns it over one billion dollars annually. RSN recommends that brands and retailers carrying cotton products should minimize their exposure to Uzbek cotton, the presence of which in a product implies both social and environmental risk and may seriously damage a company’s reputation.

Loss of time, business and freedom: that’s all foreign investors get in Uzbekistan

Loss of time, business and freedom: that’s all foreign investors get in Uzbekistan

23.05.2012 20:56 msk Business Uzbekistan

Uzbek authorities make enormous efforts to fix the spoiled country’s reputation: it badly needs new investors instead of those it has had and used already. Tashkent runs a huge PR-campaign: forums, symposiums and even the Art Fashion Week, organized by Gulnara Karimova and her “Culture and Arts Foundation of Uzbekistan. Yet however, the West seems to have no illusions over the true state of things in Uzbekistan and shows its attitude by canceling the fashion show of the president’s daughter in New York, boycotting cotton from Uzbekistan and openly criticizing the existing regime for the numerous reported human rights violations.

US Befriends Kazakhstan Dictator, Now World's Largest Producer of Uranium

17.05.2012 21:10 msk Business Kazakhstan

Uzbekistan: What’s the use of “corn labyrinths” for tourism development?

10.02.2012 23:44 msk Business Uzbekistan



According to the most recent data, presented on the 7 of February this year, over a million of foreigners have visited Uzbekistan in 2011, including some 463,400 tourists, while the overall number of tourists, including citizens of Uzbekistan has reached 1 million.

Villagers in Uzbekistan are freezing without natural gas which has been exported abroad

25.01.2012 21:53 msk Business Uzbekistan


Greenhouse gardening has traditionally been the major business and principal source of income for many villagers in the provinces surrounding the capital of Uzbekistan. This year, however, many villages have been disconnected from natural gas supplies forcing their residents switch to coal and wood for heating, instead.

Copper wealth of Nazarbayev. Global Witness claims against Kazakhmys

Copper wealth of Nazarbayev. Global Witness claims against Kazakhmys

02.08.2010 10:10 msk Business Kazakhstan

Global Witness, the international anti-corruption organization, published the report, named "Risky business. Who controls Kazakhmys plc?" Based on independent investigation information, Global Witness affirms that Kazakhmys, the biggest Kazakhstani copper miner, did not share vital and financially important information with the investors when it was listing its shares at London Stock Exchange in 2005. The information included close corruption ties of senior management with President Nazarbayev. The experts demand to audit Kazakhmys again and publicly offer over half of company’s shares for investigation period in order to prevent possible interference of corrupted Kazakhstani regime in the corporate affairs, not reflecting the interests of minority shareholders.

Tajikistan blames Uzbekistan in systematic violation of railroad transportation agreements

Tajikistan blames Uzbekistan in systematic violation of railroad transportation agreements

04.06.2010 10:10 msk Business Tajikistan

The problem of railway cargo transit, going from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, has been seriously undermining the relations between two Central Asian republics for the last few months. The true reasons of difficulties, as well as the sources of their origins, are not clear. Tajik side believes the delays have no serious reasons and they are set up artificially; Tajikistan claims that situation has turned into emergency long ago. In its turn, Uzbekistan contradicts facts of delay, refers to the scheduled maintenance and announces the end of embargo. Today, we are presenting the opinion from Dushanbe and at the same time we offer Tashkent to declare clear and formulated position at our website.

Uzbekistan: The clearance of plane trees, oaks and elms reached the graveyards

Uzbekistan: The clearance of plane trees, oaks and elms reached the graveyards

18.05.2010 12:20 msk Business Uzbekistan

The perennial trees are being cut off at the Minor Muslim graveyard in Tashkent. The target is not only massive and shady trees, the commercial timber, but also plane tree, oak and elm. Some sources indicate that the reason of the clearance is the fashion for plane tree parquet among rich folks in Uzbek capital while "the entrepreneurs" provide its supply. The observers are affirmed that such big scale operation can be organized by high ranking people only and, certainly, with the authorization from the head of the state.

Uzbekistan: The hundreds of National Bank clients lost their money

Uzbekistan: The hundreds of National Bank clients lost their money

26.04.2010 09:52 msk Business Uzbekistan

Few months ago the clients’ money, deposited in the accounts of the Chichik branch of National foreign economic affairs bank of Uzbekistan, was withdrawn. The clients knew nothing about the fraud. The bank representatives explain the situation by the audit, promise to return money and ask to keep things in secret. They refer to the actions of the previous management team that was fired a while ago. The number of clients that lost their money is unknown while the bank management is suppressing the fact of illegal withdrawal. According to Ferghana.Ru sources, it may be about few hundreds of deceived clients.

What is the true purpose of the anti-Tajik protests in Uzbekistan?

What is the true purpose of the anti-Tajik protests in Uzbekistan?

02.04.2010 13:40 msk Business Uzbekistan

The Environmental movement of Uzbekistan continues its campaign against Tajik aluminum plant. Despite the fact that the Tajik aluminum plant has been operating for 35 years only now Uzbekistan is protesting against the plant, through local residents and meetings, not really common for the republic. Sharing environmental concerns of Uzbekistani activists, the Ferghana.Ru experts are also affirmed that ecological argument is convenient and "civilized" form of Tashkent’s official protest against the Tajik government, planning to construct strategic plants and, specifically, the Rogun hydropower plant.

Dilshod Usmanov: The future of our country is the future of our children

Dilshod Usmanov: The future of our country is the future of our children

30.01.2010 09:50 msk Business Uzbekistan

The group of young businessmen in Uzbekistan launched big project, aiming to raise the productivity of cultivation areas, re-cultivation of dead and contaminated soil, ecological improvement through the use of biohumus, produced by Oltin vodiy (Golden valley) bloodworms. Major raw material for mass production of biohumus will be million tons of domestic waste from gigantic city dumps. Therefore, the project initiators are going to cover the project costs and lead Uzbekistan to the top world’s producers of biohumus. The idea of industrial scale production of biohumus in Uzbekistan was born in 1980s by Rustam Usmanov, PhD in Economics, famous Uzbek entrepreneur and the founder of the first private bank in the republic. Ferghana.Ru correspondent met Mr. Usmanov in his office.

Tajikistan: Men’s work for fragile women

Tajikistan: Men’s work for fragile women

13.01.2010 16:33 msk Business Tajikistan

When every seventh citizen of Tajikistan goes abroad for earnings, those, staying home, have to make a living. Tajik women are mastering traditional "male" professions such as potters, irrigators, crane operators, taxi drivers, brick layers, woodworkers and blacksmiths. While gentlemen are working abroad, ladies replace them at home. Tilav Rasul-zade, Ferghana.Ru correspondent in Tajikistan, writes about fragile women, carrying man’s work.

American military uniform is highly demanded in Uzbekistan

American military uniform is highly demanded in Uzbekistan

21.12.2009 16:54 msk Business Uzbekistan

American apparel and shoes are very popular in Tashkent even if they are second hand items. They are highly demanded among customers because they meet major criteria – quality. The sellers do not tell us where they get the merchandise. However, people are happy that at moderate prices they can afford the apparel and shoes of much higher quality than those, produced in Uzbekistan or China.

Uzbekistan: The first POS terminals appeared in the markets of Tashkent

Uzbekistan: The first POS terminals appeared in the markets of Tashkent

15.12.2009 17:05 msk Business Uzbekistan

UzA official news agency of Uzbekistan learned from Toshbozortayerlovsavdo that over 30 POS (point of sale) terminals were set up in twelve markets of Tashkent; from now on, the local residents can use their debit cards there. Ferghana.Ru correspondents took a walk around Tashkent bazaars in order to personally observe the work of terminals. POS terminals were found only at one of the four markets of Uzbek capital; it turned out that terminals process only VISA cards while the customer can pay only for limited food items.

Why does Afghanistan need railroad?

Why does Afghanistan need railroad?

04.12.2009 09:14 msk Business Afghanistan

At the end of October of 2009 the state-owned railroad company of Uzbekistan became the contractor of the Hairaton-Mazar-i-Sharif railroad. At the end of November the project was approved by Uzbek government. Despite modest length of the line – only 75 kilometers – this is strategic project, Afghanistan has been waiting for many years. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is still one of those very few Asian countries that do not have railways. This project is vitally important for Uzbekistan: in the future the country may become biggest cargo transit center in the region, backed up by emerging strong partnership between Tashkent and Washington DC.

Kyrgyzstan: New Agreement on Kumtor Divides Kyrgyz Elites

30.04.2009 12:51 msk Business Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz government and a Canadian gold mining investor have reached a deal over Kumtor, the largest gold mine in Kyrgyzstan. While the settlement of this long-running dispute is expected to improve the country’s sagging investment scene, divisions among influential Kyrgyz elites may become serious roadblocks for the gold project.

Kazakhstan: Construction sector still reeling despite government's bail-out package

06.04.2009 00:04 msk Business Kazakhstan

Kazakh government’s efforts to bail the country’s once booming construction sector are facing serious obstacles as cash-strapped banks and hard-pressed construction companies are at loggerheads over the government's rescue plan. Frustrated with the lack of progress, the government is pushing for more drastic measures.

Turkmenistan and Russia will make new gas agreements

Turkmenistan and Russia will make new gas agreements

25.03.2009 21:00 msk Business Turkmenistan

Russia and Turkmenistan will revise gas agreements and speed up construction of the Caspian Gas Pipeline in accordance with the decision of presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Gurbankuly Berdymuhammedov. Contrary to the expectations pinned on Berdymuhammedov's state visit, visa regime for the Russians intent on visiting Turkmenistan was never abolished. Neither was the subject of the Russians in Turkmenistan dwelt on despite human rights community's demands.

Eurasian Economic Comunity: Forget illusions

Eurasian Economic Comunity: Forget illusions

29.01.2009 12:28 msk Business Russia

The Moscow Carnegie Center organized a seminar "Eurasian Economic Community: Prospects of Development" on January 27. Organization Secretary General Tair Mansurov was present. Experts and journalists wanted to know why Uzbekistan would suspend membership in the Community and how the Community coped with complicated problems of integration between Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Belarus. Ferghana.Ru correspondents got the impression that the Eurasian Economic Community was a cumbersome structure established to handle nonpublic and nonpolitical issues.

Do the Uzbek-Turkish relations get more cordial? Even if they do, the process is slow

Do the Uzbek-Turkish relations get more cordial? Even if they do, the process is slow

24.12.2008 18:57 msk Business Uzbekistan

Uzbek-Turkish business forum took place in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, on December 22. The forum took place behind the closed doors as though the Uzbek authorities were ashamed or had something to hide from general public. Uzbek state officials went to great lengths to spare Turkish businessmen the necessity to talk to independent journalists. Correspondents of Turkish media outlets and Uzbek officious newspapers were the only representatives of the media permitted to cover the forum.

Uzbekistan's withdrawal from the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization will help Tajikistan solve some of its problems

28.11.2008 22:19 msk Business Tajikistan

Russian Presidential Administration Director Sergei Naryshkin said in Dushanbe that Tajikistan might count on participation in the Customs Union and become a partner of Eurasian Bank of Development founders in the near future. According to Naryshkin, it will make investments more readily available to Tajikistan. What really counts meanwhile is that construction of the Rogun Hydroelectric Power Plant may be resumed soon.

Project of a super canal connecting the Kara Sea and the Persian Gulf presented in Tashkent

26.11.2008 13:48 msk Business Central Asia

The international conference that took place in Tashkent on November 20 discussed the part public organizations were playing in promotion of innovative projects and attraction of investors. The Russian delegation presented the Trans-Asian Corridor of Development, a combination of a canal, highway, and railroad from the Yamal Peninsula to the Caspian Sea and on to the Persian Gulf. Another artery connecting the Caspian Sea and Black Sea will create an integrated system with the Kara Sea and Arabian Sea. Presenting the project in Tashkent, authors of the idea tried to gauge the Uzbek authorities' opinion of the whole idea. Moment for the presentation, however, should have been chosen with better care. Persuading the authorities of Uzbekistan to become involved in a project most people view as fantastic is nearly impossible, particularly considering their skepticism with regard to projects of common zones. Official Tashkent has already made its opinion known.

Uzbekistan: Farmers are against land reforms

Uzbekistan: Farmers are against land reforms

12.11.2008 09:47 msk Business Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan embarked upon land reforms according to the 3077 decree signed by President Karimov in October 2008. Its aim is to strengthen the farm households by drawing hodgepodge of small farmlands under one holder. Local observers come to agree that land reforms what looks more as an attempt of "collectivization," will cause discontent among Uzbek farmers, which will, at best, erupt in local protests.

Central Asia: Doing Business is Easiest in Kyrgyzstan – report

Central Asia: Doing Business is Easiest in Kyrgyzstan – report

15.09.2008 11:01 msk Business Russia

Kyrgyzstan is the most conducive country in Central Asia for doing business, the World Bank Doing Business 2009 report states. The report released on September 10 together with International Finance Corporation covers 181 countries and ranks them on the ease of doing business. The ranking is based on ten different indicators, including procedures and documents needed to open up a company, the time and cost required to complete each procedure in order to formally operate in the country.

Kyrgyzstan: Energy Crisis Hits Hard Small Businesses

02.08.2008 04:21 msk Business Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz small businesses will be affected severely by the looming energy crisis in Kyrgyzstan which will inevitably result in significant economic slowdown, observers say. The winter of 2008 promises to be the hardest in decades as Kyrgyzstan is getting prepared to massive energy cuts in autumn and cold winter. Low river and reservoir levels and the need to save energy forced the government to introduce energy cuts in August and prohibit using electricity for heating.

Kyrgyzstan: Authorities strive to ensure food security

16.06.2008 23:30 msk Business Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has introduced export duties on wheat, flour, vegetable oil and some seeds. Additionally, measures to soon restrict sugar and rice exports are being considered. These export duties are being implemented to alleviate the effect of the general price-rise and ensure the country’s food security.

Russia to resume work on the Rogun Hydroelectric Power Plant

06.06.2008 17:12 msk Business Tajikistan

It appears Russia may resume construction of the Rogun Hydroelectric Power Plant, following requests by Tajik authorities. Further, Inter RAO EES is to be put in charge of the Russian section of the project, valued at $3 billion. The share of ownership of the plant to be turned over to Russia has not been revealed, however, observers believe that Russia will insist on a controlling interest.

Uzbekistan: Under questionable circumstances, Kazakh-Uzbek Urtok confectionery in Tashkent is seized and being demolished

04.06.2008 11:54 msk Business Uzbekistan

A candy manufacturing factory in Tashkent is being demolished as part of an urban renewal project, in spite of previous assurances that the building would be left intact.

Uzbekistan: youth tournament to take place in Nukus (photo)

15.05.2008 23:46 msk Business Uzbekistan

Баркамол авлод-2008
"Nothing makes a country famous better than athletics." This quote from President Islam Karimov became the slogan of the republican youth Olympics Barkamol Avlod'2008 [Healthy Generation] opening May 17 in Nukus near the Aral Sea. Nukus, the capital of Karakalpakstan, is located in the Aral ecological catastrophe zone. Living standards there are probably the lowest in Uzbekistan. The event is being organized in an impoverished city known for a population long suffering due to its poverty.

Gurbankuly Berdymuhammedov proceeds with economic reforms

16.04.2008 12:42 msk Business Turkmenistan

The decree on denomination of the national monetary unit President Gurbankuly Berdymuhammedov signed this Monday will come into force on January 1, 2009. Enlarged meeting of the Cabinet discussed interim results of the economic and social reforms. National Bank chairman resigned.

Real estate in Uzbekistan: The demand is outgrowing supply

09.04.2008 10:39 msk Business Uzbekistan

Real estate prices in Uzbekistan keep going up. A one-room apartment in Andijan (Ferghana Valley) that cost $1,500-2,000 a couple of years ago according to unofficial estimates costs $8,000-10,000 nowadays. Local real estate agents say customers do not even try to bring the price down and buy apartments at whatever price is indicated. They clearly expect prices to continue going up. Real estate agencies attribute it first and foremost to labor immigrants earning money abroad and investing it at home.

Uzbekistan: From free enterprise to the Soviet distribution system

Uzbekistan: From free enterprise to the Soviet distribution system

07.04.2008 12:59 msk Business Uzbekistan

The Uzbek authorities resort to the tried-and-true administrative techniques of dealing with high prices. As of now, all dealers in vegetable oil are ordered to sell it 50-100% below the standing market price. Uzbekistan is reverting to the system of food distribution. Reanimation of the long since forgotten coupon system may become the next step.

Uzbekistan: Urgench authorities ordered a rally of local vendors dispersed

01.04.2008 13:39 msk Business Uzbekistan

An unprecedented protest action took place in Urgench, the largest city in the Khorezm region of Uzbekistan, on the last day of March. Local vendors numbering nearly 200 (mostly women) protested against transfer of the bazaar to the outskirts and unfair distribution of stalls at the new site. The central bazaars located not far from the site of the protest have been closed since last week. The authorities had said that at least one of them needed reconstruction but the recent session of the regional council of people's deputies resolved to merge both bazaars and permit only foodstuffs on sale there. Local vendors dealing in goods and commodities were advised to move to the newly established bazaar in Karavul, administrative center of the nearby district. The vendors accused the authorities of depriving them of a steady if small income.

Azerbaijan hopes for a peaceful rearrangement of sectors of the Caspian shelf

27.03.2008 11:24 msk Business Turkmenistan

An almost decade-long reprieve over, the Azerbaijani-Turkmen relations advance at a breakneck rate these days. Regular contacts between the heads of states and prime ministers were established in the last eighteen months, governmental commissions for economic cooperation advancement set up. Whatever matters soured the bilateral relations years ago are being addressed. President of Turkmenistan Gurbankuly Berdymuhammedov made another step in this direction the other day and appointed a new ambassador to Azerbaijan.

No more cheap Central Asian gas for Gazprom

12.03.2008 11:06 msk Business Russia

Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan will start selling gas to Gazprom at European tariffs as of 2009 in accordance with the decision made at the meeting of senior executives of Gazprom, Kazmunaigaz, Uzbekneftegaz, and Turkmengaz yesterday. Gazprom Press Service reports that these countries intend to apply to Gazprom the price-formation formula Gazprom itself uses dealing with long-term customers in Europe.

Uzbek National Bank violates its commitments to customers

Uzbek National Bank violates its commitments to customers

18.02.2008 10:10 msk Business Uzbekistan

All official regulations and procedures aside, the Uzbek National Bank arrogantly ignores its own commitments to customers whose rights are systematically encroached on. Tashkent sources report that delays with distribution of the finances transacted to private bank accounts began in early December and continue even now. Informed that money has been transacted, customer is supposed to immediately report to the bank's Central Office in Tashkent where he is referred to Room 27. A group of officials is already waiting there, to get all data on the transmitter (organization or individual) they can. Customer is also expected to provide papers showing existence of certain mutual commitments between him and the transmitter and proving that the transaction does not constitute a grant from foreign organizations.

Uzbekistan: Tashkent tax police demolished Nirvana trade network

Uzbekistan: Tashkent tax police demolished Nirvana trade network

29.01.2008 20:22 msk Business Uzbekistan

Tashkent tax department and the Uzbek Republican Copyright Agency launched an unprecedented large-scale joint operation on January 25, 2008. 18 tax squads accompanied by local media reporters and state broadcasting corporation correspondents simultaneously broke out into18 outlets of the Nirvana trade network and seized over 100 thousand DVD, VCD and MP3 discs with foreign movies, music, computer games and software.

Uzbekistan: No agreement on gas price with Gazprom

23.12.2007 17:36 msk Business Russia

Russian Gazprom delegation failed to reach an agreement with the Uzbek part on mutually beneficial prices for the Uzbek gas export and the Turkmen gas transit for 2008. The negotiation took place in Tashkent yesterday. It is worthy to note that the Russian part releases no comment on the negotiation process outcomes. Gazprom official web site posted a brief note limited to the visit of Alexey Miller and his meeting with the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov and the Minister of Finance of Uzbekistan Rustam Azimov.

Uzbekistan intends to nearly double the gas price for Tajikistan

20.12.2007 11:06 msk Business Uzbekistan

"Uztransgas (Uzbekistan) will up gas price for Tajikistan to $180 as of January 1, 2008," Tajikgaz General Director Fathiddin Muhsiddinov was quoted as saying on December 19. "We are doing what we can to lower the price, but Uztransgas insists on signing the contract before December 24."

Uzbekistan: Private hotels in Samarkand are forbidden to service customers during the presidential election

19.12.2007 10:01 msk Business Uzbekistan

Ferghana.Ru sources report that private B&B (bed & breakfast) hotels in Samarkand are ordered to suspend business till January 5, 2008. This weird order (weird in free enterprise society Uzbekistan purports to be) came from the local authorities who advise private hotels to turn over clientele to the Afrosiab and President Palace hotels. These latter belong to the state, fully or nearly so. They charge their guests much more than private hotels do.

The government of Kazakhstan is determined to repossess energy assets

14.12.2007 16:05 msk Business Kazakhstan

"Wherever possible, the government of Kazakhstan stands for repossession of energy assets in strategic spheres in the name of energy security," Prime Minister Karim Masimov told Nur Otan faction of the parliament. "Certain steps in this direction are already taken."

The Great Silk Road with one's own eyes. Part III. Chinese expansion

30.11.2007 22:01 msk Business Kyrgyzstan

Photo by Ferghana.Ru
We are still traveling the Great Silk Road. Here is a story of the Chinese expansion into the Central Asian markets. Torrents of low-paid manpower from China foment fears in citizens of Central Asian countries that they may find themselves driven from their native territories one fine day. Kyrgyz businessmen and manual workers fall back before the Chinese expansion and seek employment abroad.

Finland refuses to buy Uzbek cotton harvested by children

28.11.2007 15:06 msk Business Uzbekistan

Marimekko of Finland terminated its contract with Kreenholm (Estonia) suspecting it of the use of children's labor. According to Helsingin Sanomat, Marimekko suspects that the Estonian producer of textile owned by Boras Wafveri (Sweden) uses Uzbek cotton harvested by children.

Beijing is quite generous to Central Asian countries

28.11.2007 14:06 msk Business China

China is out to reequip the Turkmen army. The Tajik Defense Ministry expects military hardware, equipment, and uniforms for soldiers and officers from China within the framework of the state credit ($3 million) next year, a source in the government of Turkmenistan said. Experts point out that Beijing is generous with credits to Central Asian countries using them as an instrument of buttressing its influence with the countries of the region.

Samarkand pensioner built a hydroelectric power plant of his own

21.11.2007 11:26 msk Business Uzbekistan

Anvar Jurakulov, a retired teacher of physics, designed and built a hydroelectric mini-power plant in the settlement of Turtkul, Urgut district of the Samarkand region.

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