20 june 2018

Central Asia news: Arts

Dance of devils – a new novel by Hamid Ismailov

Dance of devils – a new novel by Hamid Ismailov

10.07.2012 12:02 msk Arts Uzbekistan

A new novel by the contemporary Uzbek writer and poet Hamid Ismailov who lives in London today, is entitled “Zhinlar Basmi” (Dance of devils). It is a story of life of a prominent Uzbek writer Abdulla Qadyri, the author of historical novels "Days Bygone" and "Scorpion from the altar”, who was arrested and executed in October 1938. In the short interview for Fergana.ru, Hamid Ismailov talks about his new novel and shares details of its writing process.

“Oriental bazaar”: Rays of Eastern sun in cold Moscow

13.04.2011 11:38 msk Arts Russia

The first international exhibition and fair “Oriental bazaar” has brought together some of the most versatile handcrafts from the Central Asia, China, India, Japan, Northern Africa, south-East Asia, Turkey and Middle East at the “Flakon” design factory between the 8th and 10th of April.

Over 700 movies are prohibited in Uzbekistan

Over 700 movies are prohibited in Uzbekistan

13.12.2010 19:08 msk Arts Uzbekistan

Ferghana learned that Uzbek film fans have no official opportunity to see many masterpieces of the world film art. The list of movies, prohibited by Uzbek state censorship, includes 740 films of local and foreign production, including "300 Spartans", "From Dusk till Dawn", "Borat", "Sex, Lies, and Videotape", "Antichrist"… "Policemen" popular Russian TV series and American "X Files" are also banned. "The black list" is published at the official website of Uzbekkino National agency; it is being frequently updated and reviewed. By the request of Ferghana the document was analyzed by Tashkent-based expert.

Come out of the shade. The photographers from Central Asia and Southern Caucasus are invited to participate in

Come out of the shade. The photographers from Central Asia and Southern Caucasus are invited to participate in "Documentary photography"

03.11.2010 15:16 msk Arts Central Asia

Open Society Institute announced new project for the photographers from Central Asia, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Pakistan and South Caucasus. The photographers, selected as program finalists, will receive the grant in the amount of 3.5 thousand US dollars; in addition, they will be presented the equipment and software for creation of multimedia projects, led by worldwide known mentors (professional photographers). "Documentary photography" is interested in the projects, covering the rights and life conditions of people from Central Asia and South Caucasus. The details are available in Ferghana.Ru article as well as interview with Valery Kaliev, the funding recipient (2009) and photo correspondent of Karaganda-based Novyi Vestnik.

BBC World Service appoints Hamid Ismailov as Writer in Residence

BBC World Service appoints Hamid Ismailov as Writer in Residence

30.04.2010 22:44 msk Arts Uzbekistan

Gwyneth Williams, Director BBC World Service English, today (April 30, 2010) announces the appointment of critically acclaimed Uzbek novelist and poet, Hamid Ismailov, as BBC World Service’s Writer in Residence. Over the course of the next two years, Hamid will be writing creatively about the news, issues that have dominated the world’s media and, occasionally, about day-to-day life at BBC World Service. Hamid, who now lives and works in London, is Head of the BBC World Service’s Central Asian Service, and will undertake the Writer in Residence duties alongside this position. Gwyneth says: «Hamid will make us laugh and sigh. His observations will surely reflect the unique perspective of the World Service, highlighting our shared humanity as we seek to understand unfolding global events.»

Uzbekistan: The criminal case has been filed against the photographer and documentary film maker Umida Akhmedova

Uzbekistan: The criminal case has been filed against the photographer and documentary film maker Umida Akhmedova

17.12.2009 15:38 msk Arts Uzbekistan

The criminal case has been filed against prominent photographer and documentary film maker Umida Akhmedova in Tashkent. She is accused of slander and insult of Uzbek people. The reason for accusation became "Men and women: from dawn to dusk" album, produced in 2007 under the support of Swiss Embassy Gender Program. The album consists of over 100 pictures, reflecting various aspects of people’s lifestyle in Uzbekistan. "Where is the slander?" question, asked by Akhmedova, remained unanswered.

Uzbekistan: Film Industry Flourishes After a Decade of Post-Soviet Decline

12.10.2009 16:59 msk Arts Uzbekistan

Film industry is flourishing in Uzbekistan as low-budget movies starring famous singers and utilizing heart-wrenching plots are gaining popularity with the Uzbek audiences. However, widespread copyright piracy and shortage of investment remain major roadblocks for the industry’s development.

The Moon-Faced, a film by Nazym Abbasov, is conquering the world

The Moon-Faced, a film by Nazym Abbasov, is conquering the world

23.06.2009 10:38 msk Arts Uzbekistan

The XVIII Asian, African, and Latin American Film Festival took place between June 9 and 16 in Innsbruck, Austria. Prominent Uzbek film director Nazym Abbasov presented his "Oidinoi" or "The Moon-Faced" there. The film won two awards. Abbasov himself was rewarded "For Contribution to the Festival". Marjona Shavkatova, 8, who starred in "Oidinoi" received a Special Prize. Here is an interview with Abbasov about the festival, his film, and his plans for the future.

Art photo in Uzbekistan: Negative outweighs positive

Art photo in Uzbekistan: Negative outweighs positive

02.06.2009 10:02 msk Arts Uzbekistan

Photo festival "Edge of Ages" took place at the Metenkov's House (Museum of Photography) in Yekaterinburg on the eve of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit slated for June 15-16. Photos on display picture nature, culture, and everyday life in Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, China). Five photographers form Tashkent and Bukhara represented Uzbekistan - Umida Akhmedova, Ernest Kurtveliyev, Leonid Kudreiko, Shavkat Boltayev, and Zilola Saidova. Ferghana.Ru correspondent approached them for comments on the state of affairs with photography in Uzbekistan.

Russia: No two runs in a row

Russia: No two runs in a row

21.04.2009 09:38 msk Arts Russia

The second Moscow show of scandalous "Russia 88" movie, dedicated to Russian skinheads, was cancelled. According to the executive director and producer of the movie, Pavel Bardin, the reconsideration decision was made by the management of movie theater and not by the administration of Kinoteatr.Doc film festival, sponsoring the show. We contacted Pavel Bardin and agreed to take interview that will be posted in the next few days. For now, Ferghana.ru presents the article from Kultura newspaper, issued on April 16.

The bloody right of the first night. «The Burden of Virginity» documentary is filmed in Uzbekistan

The bloody right of the first night. «The Burden of Virginity» documentary is filmed in Uzbekistan

11.03.2009 15:48 msk Arts Uzbekistan

On March 5, 2009 expecting the International women’s day, the director of Tashkent Cinema Museum, film-maker Oleg Karpov and his wife, art photographer Umida Ahmedova, presented the new joint documentary – “The Burden of Virginity”. This is the first Uzbek movie, raising important issue not only for Uzbekistan, but also for all oriental countries. The film focuses on preserving the virginity by the wedding ceremony. The controversy of the topic promised higher attention of the public.

For the first time the works of Abdulkhamid Chulpon are published in Russian language

For the first time the works of Abdulkhamid Chulpon are published in Russian language

09.02.2009 13:00 msk Arts Uzbekistan

During his life outstanding Uzbek writer and poet Abdukhamid Chulpon was named «morning star of Uzbek poetry», «the most outstanding event of the century in the Uzbek literature», «pure poetry of Uzbek language». The omnibus of selected works of the Chulpon is translated by Khamid Ismailov. This book was prepared for edition by one of the main publishing houses of Uzbekistan already in 1988. The Open Society Institute and Voskresenie publishing house decided to revive the book of Abdulkhamid Chulpon for Russian reader.

Uzbekistan: The authorities circumvented a French and German film show at the Museum of Cinematograph in Tashkent

15.12.2008 09:48 msk Arts Uzbekistan

An event organized by the Hugo Center (France) was the first to be circumvented at the Museum of Cinematograph in Tashkent. Days of German Cinematograph were treated at the facility in a similar manner barely twenty-four hours later. This treatment is attributed to the sudden attention to the Museum of Cinematograph from the police and firefighting service that banned "mass events" without permit from the powers-that-be and sealed the projection booth. The Museum of Cinematograph is as good as paralyzed. Its shutdown will become a major loss for the local intelligentsia and a blow at the image of Tashkent. Very many both in Uzbekistan and abroad keep regarding it as a center of culture - probably out of habit.

Sean Kao: “Music, Not Politics is More Effective in Struggle for Peace”

25.09.2008 08:54 msk Arts Central Asia

Шон Као
Bishkek residents are surprised to hear unusual music on the streets of the otherwise very quiet city. A violinist, who grew up in Tokyo and Taiwan, studied and got married in the US, is a living representative of a cultural polyglot. Public concerts by Sean Kao were extremely popular in New York and New Jersey, Bangkok and Taipei, Tokyo and Beijing, Amsterdam and Moscow. He had a chance to play his music at the famous Carnegie Hall in the US.

Ancient Minguruk Settlement to be Temporarily Closed

Ancient Minguruk Settlement to be Temporarily Closed

21.08.2008 21:39 msk Arts Uzbekistan

As capital Tashkent is getting prepared for 2200 anniversary celebrations next year, one of its historical sites, an ancient settlement of Minguruk, from which Tashkent developed several centuries ago, is now being temporarily closed. However, Tashkent residents are worried about the way operations at the site are being frozen. In order to preserve Minguruk for further archeological explorations, authorities ordered to build a wall around the site. However, the bricks for the wall are produced out of clay from the site. Moreover, the area of Minguruk has shrunk significantly and now constitutes only 23,680 square feet, while in the 19th century it was almost 4 million square feet.

UNESCO World Heritage: Samarkand Needs Reinforced Monitoring

05.08.2008 05:25 msk Arts Uzbekistan

Committee asked the UNESCO headquarters to apply “reinforced monitoring” to the ancient Silk Road city of Samarkand. The Committee is concerned with preservation of several historical sites in Samarkand. “Samarkand – Crossroads of Cultures (Uzbekistan), on the World Heritage List since 2001, is threatened by new roads and buildings which affect the integrity of its traditional urban fabric, in the absence of an adequate regulatory framework,” the statement released by the World Heritage Committee on July 10, said.

Chingiz Aitmatov. Beginning and end of epic

Chingiz Aitmatov. Beginning and end of epic

16.06.2008 15:56 msk Arts Russia

Beloved writer, Chingiz Aitmatov, was buried Saturday with great pageantry in Kyrgyzistan. The interment of Aitmatov, the classic 20th century scholar whose works were translated into more than 160 languages and totaled over 60 million copies in print, became a true symbol of the unity of Turkic speaking peoples. Further, this tragedy bound even closer the Kazakh and Kyrgyz peoples.

Pop songs as a formidable ideological weapon

Pop songs as a formidable ideological weapon

10.08.2007 21:17 msk Arts Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan will be celebrating another anniversary of its sovereignty on September 1. Ideological preparations for the celebration are getting into high gear. National TV network run special caption reminders on the hourly basis. Patriotic songs, an element of the repertoire of every more or less prominent pop singer in Uzbekistan, are a central and inevitable feature. Ideology promoted by Uzbek pop stars on behalf of the state comes down to the following theses: Uzbekistan is the best country in the world, its leader Islam Karimov being the wisest contemporary politician blessed with long-term vision. All news related to everything from culture to literature to athletics and even to political events abroad are presented from one inevitable angle: thank all gods that are for the happiness of having been born in this beautiful country - and be happy in such a manner that all enemies of Uzbekistan will feel envy.

Second Bravo Art Café opened in the Ferghana Valley. This one in the city of Osh

09.07.2007 12:52 msk Arts Kyrgyzstan

Фото ИА Фергана.Ру
Bravo art-cafe opened in Osh on July 7. Like its namesake in Ferghana, the art-cafe in Osh is one of the best attractive in all of the Ferghana Valley. Located in the center of the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bravo is a successful mixture of captivating architecture, mysterious atmosphere of the Orient, and European comfort. "There is always more to a cafe than just a place where one may take a bite or toss down a drink. It is a cultural center with its own unique aura and atmosphere. Bravo art-cafe has no analogs in Osh," to quote one of the cafe's first customers, official of an international organizations operating in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan.

Nukus Museum: Storeroom of arts in the epicenter of trouble

09.07.2007 10:26 msk Arts Uzbekistan

Schindler in the field of paintings, Igor Savitsky preserved banned masterpieces in the destitute backwaters of the Soviet empire. TB or cancer? Prominent doctors in Moscow in 1984 were baffled by what was wrong with the dying old man who came from a God forsaken Central Asian province. He himself told them in the long run what was wrong with him. He was dying of formalin. Soviet archaeologists frequently boiled ancient artefacts in the poisonous solution. Igor Savitsky, 69, director of the museum in Karakalpakstan, had been doing it all his life.

Uzbek culture party for the chosen in Moscow

18.05.2007 15:32 msk Arts Russia

Forum of Uzbek Culture and Arts will arrange another party for the chosen on the premises of the Forum Hall in Moscow on May 18. (The first such rout took place in Moscow on May 25, 2006.) Gulnara Karimova is inviting politicians, scientists, business tycoons, and prominent representatives of showbiz again. Treated to Uzbek wines and cognacs with dishes of the Uzbek traditional cuisine (samsa or meat cakes and pilau), the elite will observe an Uzbek variety show.

Uzbekistan: President's daughter released the first album

23.04.2007 11:05 msk Arts Uzbekistan

Markaz TV (Center-TV) channel of Uzbekistan announced release of the first album by Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of the president of Uzbekistan also known as Googoosha. It includes the numbers Forget Me Not, Clouds, Spring, and others.

The I International Festival of Folklore and Theater will take place in Turkmenistan

27.03.2007 13:41 msk Arts Turkmenistan

The I International Festival of Folklore and Theater will take place in Turkmen cities between April 1 and 7. The late Turkmen president's attitude and policy towards the theater were certain quaint. President for life ordered the Theater Union disbanded, ballet and circus officially banned at the genres "colliding with national traditions and needs of the people".

Russian scientists will be looking for ancient artefacts in Afghanistan

06.12.2006 13:50 msk Arts Afghanistan

A team of ethnographers set out from St.Petersburg for Kabul on an invitation from the government of Afghanistan, yesterday. "We are after artefacts of the Afghani culture and Eurasian civilization in general," expedition leader Alexander Stepanov said. "The first road from Europe to India ran across Afghanistan. A lot of artefacts were lost in the civil war - say, the Baktrian gold that disappeared without a trace..."

Uzbekistan: President's daughter Gulnara Karimova performed Besame Mucho

Uzbekistan: President's daughter Gulnara Karimova performed Besame Mucho

13.10.2006 17:20 msk Arts Uzbekistan

Besame Mucho or Kiss Me Hard composed by Consuelo Velasquez became a hit years ago. Its lyrics translated into 120 languages, the number was performed by more than 700 singers and groups including The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Placido Domingo, Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra. Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of the president of Uzbekistan who set out to make a career in show-biz under the alias Googoosha, claimed it for her own.

Pomegranate Zeal premiere in Ilhom, Tashkent

12.10.2006 10:26 msk Arts Uzbekistan

Ilhom began his 13th season with a project that combined an exhibition of the legendary Usto Mumin's paintings with Pomegranate Zeal, a play of the past and the artist's fate. The company itself views the play as particularly important because its first night coincided with the 140th anniversary of the New Tashkent when the ancient Oriental city began a transformation into the modern city that it now is. Ilhom itself will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. This theater brought up several generations of the art elite of Uzbekistan.

Day of Uzbek literature at the Edinburgh Book Fair

23.08.2006 10:16 msk Arts

Hamid Ismailov. Photo by Ferghana.Ru
Day of Uzbek literature was arranged at the Edinburgh Book Fair. Excerpts from the works by Mamadali Mahmudov and Dadahon Hasanov were read aloud within the framework of Writers In Custody program. Writer Mahmudov had been in custody for years and not even appeals from the world of literature or international general public seem to be helping. Hasanov, singer and poet, is under house arrest. He will face trial on September 5. Participants of the program adopted a petition to Uzbek President Islam Karimov demanding these prominent writers' instant release.

Uzbek MTV broadcasts a number performed by the president's daughter

07.08.2006 16:55 msk Arts

GooGoosh - Gulnara Karimova
Broadcasting on 40Dm frequency since 2005, Uzbek entertainment channel TV-Markaz (colloquially known as MTV) launched a promotion campaign of a number by Gulnara Karimova - the president's daughter. The flick in question concerns the famous Unutma Meni (Forget Me Never). As of late last week, the number is broadcast at the rate of several dozen runs per evening.

Puppet-show «The Moon Will Rise Into The Skies Of Andijan» in Uzbekistan

26.05.2006 15:16 msk Arts

First night run of the puppet-show "The Moon Will Rise Into The Skies Of Andijan" took place at the Theater of Drama in Kashkadarja, Uzbek media outlets report.

Uzbekistan: traditional Ethnic Festival Baisun cancelled

17.05.2006 11:47 msk Arts

What information is available at this point indicates cancellation of the traditional folk festival that was to take place in the Baisun district of Uzbekistan between May 17 and 20. Moreover, the no-go directive came from the Cabinet and not from the Ministry for Culture and Athletics which would have been more logical. Whether or not the cancellation is permanent is not known at this point.

Ilkhom-XX, festival of modern music, cancelled in Tashkent

Ilkhom-XX, festival of modern music, cancelled in Tashkent

27.04.2006 18:23 msk Arts

Composer Dmitry Yanov-Yanovsky, art director of the annual Ilhom-XX modern music festival, cancelled the 11th Festival scheduled to take place on the premises of the Uzbek State Conservatory. The announcement was made on April 26. This is probably the end of the festival because Yanov-Yanovsky resigned as its art director and organizer. He resigned from the State Conservatory as well, last Tuesday.

Vyacheslav Useinov: We all are dealing with the reality we do not really understand

Vyacheslav Useinov: We all are dealing with the reality we do not really understand

21.03.2006 16:35 msk Arts

Personal exhibition of Vyacheslav Useinov, an artist from Uzbekistan, opened in the Moscow Artistry Center on Krymsky Val, last Friday. Ferghana.Ru approached the artist with questions concerning only one of his paintings, the one known as "Shadow of the Non-Existent House". Ferghana.Ru: The display includes several paintings but I have some questions concerning one that is not here. As I see it, it may be made a logo of your whole art. Could you please say a few words about this painting? Vyacheslav Useinov: It took me 11 years to finish the painting. And several dozens names. One of the first variants was "Renat's House"...

"The Railroad" by Hamid Ismailov published in English

15.03.2006 17:45 msk Arts

"The Railroad" by Hamid Ismailov, the novel turned down by Zvezda Vostoka magazine once and banned in Uzbekistan altogether, was published in English by Random House, a major Western publishing company with divisions in Great Britain, United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and other English-speaking countries. Voskresenie publishers released the novel in Moscow in 1997. It is also available at web site Collection of the Exquisite (http://library.ferghana.ru). Driven out of Uzbekistan in 1992, Ismailov had a number of his books published in France, Germany, United States, Great Britain, and Russia. His works are still banned in Uzbekistan.

Writer from Uzbekistan wins the Russian Award literary contest

01.03.2006 11:03 msk Arts

Winners of the Russian Award literary contest were greeted at the President-Hotel in Moscow on February 28. The contest of writers from Central Asia and Caucasus writing in the Russian language was organized by the Caucasus Institute of Democracy and Institute of Eurasian Studies. Chingiz Aitmatov chaired the panel.

Pressure from Uzbekistan notwithstanding, Kyrgyzstan does not intend to mingle literature with politics

20.02.2006 22:02 msk Arts

Ferghana.Ru's brief report last week with references to Radio Ozodlik that Muhammad Salikh's works were studied at the Uzbek Humanitarian Teacher-Training College generated considerable public excitement in Osh. This news agency reported that professors had decided to include Salikh's works in the curriculum along with the works of other classics.

Works by Uzbek poet and politician Muhammad Salikh will be studied at Kyrgyz universities

13.02.2006 12:05 msk Arts

Ozodlik, RL Uzbek Service, reports that the works by Uzbek poet and oppositionist politician Muhammad Salikh are studied at Kyrgyz universities and colleges. Professors of the Uzbek Humanitarian Pedagogical Faculty of Osh State University decided to include Salikh's works in the curriculum, not long ago.

Four Central Asian directors pool efforts in a documentary on unwed mothers

Four Central Asian directors pool efforts in a documentary on unwed mothers

13.02.2006 11:56 msk Arts

Alexander Nikolayev, a prominent film director, completed his new documentary "The House I Was Born In" in Tashkent. His documentary became a part of a project depicting life of women in Central Asia. Financed by the Kazakh division of the Soros Foundation, the project includes four documentaries by directors from four countries of the region (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan). The work on the other three documentaries is over as well. Presentation of the project is expected in Alma-Ata in the nearest future.

British cellist Matthew Barley performed in Tashkent

British cellist Matthew Barley performed in Tashkent

06.02.2006 15:04 msk Arts

Matthew Barley's concerto at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan in Tashkent on February 4 included improvisations that demonstrated avant garde capacities of the traditional instrument and Bach's Suite No 1 where the cello sounded the way it had sounded in the great composer's time. According to Barley, reconstruction of the technique of sound ("when Bach's cello spoke the human language") was based on lengthy studies of the history of music and on his own artistic intuition. The concerto became a culmination of the first visit to Uzbekistan where prominent performer and founder of ensemble Between The Notes also gave lectures at the Conservatory, Khamza College of Music, Glier Lyceum, and Uspensky School.

Political Prisoner by Uzbek poet Rauf Parfi published in Kyrgyzstan

Political Prisoner by Uzbek poet Rauf Parfi published in Kyrgyzstan

31.01.2006 23:51 msk Arts

Rauf Parfi died on March 28, 2005. He compiled this book of poems and mailed it to his friends several days before the death - in the hope that the poems turned down by publishers in Uzbekistan would be accepted elsewhere. The book was published a year later. Bilgeoguz Publishers had Political Prisoner printed in the town of Kant, Kyrgyzstan, in January 2006. The book of poems is dedicated to three Uzbeks: poet Emin Usman who died behind the bars, poet and writer Mamadali Mahmud who is in prison even now, and poet in exile Muhammad Salikh.

A WW-II movie filmed in Uzbekistan

A WW-II movie filmed in Uzbekistan

28.01.2006 15:33 msk Arts

The shooting of motion picture Vatan [Motherland] at Uzbekfilm studios is over. Director of the movie is Zulfikar Musakov (The Bomb, Abdullajon, Boys In Heaven). Uzbek motions pictures on the subject of World War II can be counted on the fingers of one hand. There was one about General Rakhimov but apparently no pictures described ordinary soldiers many of whom never returned from the front. The plot of the new motion picture resembles an episode from Two Captains, a novel by Kaverin. Two friends love one and the same girl. She promises to marry one of them. The friends are drafted into the army and the one the girl promised to marry disappears (he ends up in a concentration camp). The other man eventually returns from the front, tells the girl that her fiance was killed, and asks her to marry him. Determined to wait for her lost love to reappear, she refuses.