21 april 2014

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Uzbekistan: Anti-Gay Law Strikes Terror Into Gay People, but Enriches the Police (18+)

Uzbekistan: Anti-Gay Law Strikes Terror Into Gay People, but Enriches the Police (18+)

07.02.2014 17:15 msk Human Rights Interview Uzbekistan

The topic of homosexuality, along with domestic violence, is tabooed in the press and public discourse in Uzbekistan. Moreover, the Central Asian state is among the remaining few countries where same-sex intercourse is punishable by a harsh prison sentence. Our Tashkent-based correspondent reports on how this law is enforced, based on first-hand experiences of gay people to whom he spoke.

Steve Swerdlow: Czech President must cancel Islam Karimov’s visit to Prague

Steve Swerdlow: Czech President must cancel Islam Karimov’s visit to Prague

06.02.2014 23:13 msk Human Rights Politics Interview Uzbekistan

The president of Uzbekistan will pay a two-day visit to Prague on 21 Feb 2014. Human rights activists in Europe are preparing to greet Islam Karimov with protest rallies: Mutabar Tajibayeva, the head of the Fiery Hearts Club, promises that they will firmly demand Karimov free all political prisoners, cease tortures of detainees and inmates, allow an international inquiry into the Andijan events, ensure conditions for NGO activities, and guarantee the freedom of speech. Fergana interviewed Steve Swerdlow, a representative of Human Rights Watch, about President Karimov’s upcoming visit to Europe.

Nadejda Atayeva: Seven-year imprisonment sentence and property confiscation for human rights activism

Nadejda Atayeva: Seven-year imprisonment sentence and property confiscation for human rights activism

29.08.2013 08:45 msk Analytics Human Rights Business Politics Migration Interview Uzbekistan

On 22 Jul 2013, head of the France-based Human Rights in Central Asia Association announced on her Facebook page: “On 19 July 2013, the Tashkent City Criminal Court sentenced me, in absentia, to seven years in prison and to confiscate my property. The trial took place without my lawyer or myself. I was accused of embezzling entrusted property. The testimony of 69 witnesses, who had also been convicted and who had worked for my father, established my guilt. No expert’s conclusion on the amount of damages was made available. This decision of the Uzbek “justice” was preceded by online and e-mail threats, provocations and numerous extradition requests. Well, we live on!”

Floor given to Uzbek opposition: Failure and degradation or unification and progress?

Floor given to Uzbek opposition: Failure and degradation or unification and progress?

22.07.2013 00:56 msk Analytics Politics Interview Uzbekistan

One of the leaders of democratic opposition of Uzbekistan, Nigara Khidoyatova, urges the opponents of the Islam Karimov regime to unite around entrepreneurial Bakhodir Choriyev. Ms. Khidoyatova discussed her acquaintance with Mr. Choriyev, a former farmer and currently a US-based dissident, in her article “On the enlightening example of an outstanding individual,” which was posted on the Birlik opposition movement’s website.

Lawyer Nurbek Toktakunov: Kyrgyz ombudsman’s power is in lack of authority

Lawyer Nurbek Toktakunov: Kyrgyz ombudsman’s power is in lack of authority

02.07.2013 23:35 msk Human Rights Politics Interview Kyrgyzstan

On 27 Jun 2013, the parliament of Kyrgyzstan adopted a decision to relieve Tursunbek Akun from the post of ombudsman. A special commission identified violations of the ombudsman’s oath as the main human rights advocate. Nurbek Toktakunov, a well-known lawyer with significant experience, is among those competing for the vacant position. Fergana interviewed him on what an ideal ombudsman must be like and what would his first action be, should he be appointed ombudsman.

Islam Karimov: Far from reality

Islam Karimov: Far from reality

24.06.2013 23:35 msk Analytics Business Politics Migration Interview Russia Uzbekistan

Uzbek President Islam Karimov called the Uzbek labor migrants engaged in sweeping streets in Moscow “lazybones” and “street beggars.” Perhaps, President Karimov’s words were addressed for the local audience, for “local consumption” so to speak. The online media outlets in Uzbekistan appeared embarrassed for their leader’s harsh and strange claims having decided not to reprint his statements. The part about “lazybones” would not have made its way into the “foreign consumption” copy of the interview if not for vigilant foreign news agencies.

Catherine Fitzpatrick: Uzbek nation entitled to all rights as others, but not right to extremism

Catherine Fitzpatrick: Uzbek nation entitled to all rights as others, but not right to extremism

31.05.2013 00:26 msk Human Rights Politics Religious life Migration Interview Central Asia Uzbekistan

The US-based independent expert on Eurasia and Russian translator Catherine Ann Fitzpatrick answered Fergana editor-in-chief's questions. The interview was on the recent arrest of another former Uzbek citizen in the United States, Fazliddin Kurbanov. The expert is certain that there were most serious justifications for Kurbanov's arrest and there can be no excuse for terrorism and extremism. Catherine also believes that the several isolated incidences of arrests of Uzbek nationals is not a reason to speak of trends at all.

“The State, it is I” or An unsuccessful bid to meet Gulnara Karimova

“The State, it is I” or An unsuccessful bid to meet Gulnara Karimova

08.03.2013 21:03 msk Human Rights Politics Interview Uzbekistan

Ms. Mutabar Tadzhibayeva, a renown human rights activist, the founder and the leader of the Fiery Hearts human rights center, arrived in Geneva from Paris, where she resides, to participate in the discussion of a documentary on the Andijan tragedy of 2005. The airing of the documentary and its subsequent discussion were event-free. However, something strange happened afterwards. The following excerpt in the Swiss newspaper Le Temps sheds some light: “The Uzbek journalist Mutabar Tadzhibayeva, who was tortured in a Tashkent prison and currently lives in exile in Paris, was invited to a film festival on human rights in Geneva, to talk about the cruelties of the Islam Karimov regime. On Sunday, on her way out of Switzerland, Mr. Tadzhibayeva was summoned by the Geneva police station at the airport. The reason was a lawsuit lodged by the permanent mission of Uzbekistan at the UN HQ in Geneva; the Uzbek president’s daughter, Gulnara Karimova, is the head of mission. Because Ms. Tadzhibayeva does not speak French and the claims against her were not translated for her, she decided to leave Switzerland.”

“Everybody says that only the police were shooting”

“Everybody says that only the police were shooting”

03.12.2012 21:17 msk Interview Kazakhstan

A group of guests from Europe visited Kazakhstan from 26 October to 4 November. Journalist and human rights defender from Helsinki Oksana Chelysheva, Finnish photographer Kukka Ranta and Latvian photographer Maris Morkans went to the Central Asian republic to find about the situation there ioday, almost a year after the tragic events in Zhanaozen. Now, having talked to local residents and gathered a lot of documentary material, they are determined to lobby in Europe for political prisoners in Kazakhstan. A visible result of their journey is a photography exhibition “Kazakhstan with European eyes”, which is currently being prepared.

US Ambassador in Uzbekistan George Krol:

US Ambassador in Uzbekistan George Krol: "We recognize democracy may develop and look differently in Uzbekistan."

25.09.2012 10:51 msk Interview Uzbekistan

In recent months and years the political and economic cooperation between the US and Uzbekistan has been developing actively. This arouses lively interest and even some worry in other countries’ governments, and is a subject of discussion in the press and a reason for rumours amongst experts. Fergana interviewed US Ambassador to Uzbekistan George Krol. An experienced diplomat, Mr Krol avoided answering almost every question, moving away from the topic or swapping answers for quotations from press releases from the State Department. However, the ambassador of any country is not going to be the person to say exactly what he is thinking. He gives voice to the official position of the country whhich he represents. This position differs widely from the one that people who connect America to hopes of a swift democratic change in Uzbekistan want to hear.

"In Kyrgyzstan, corruption is not a problem for the state, it IS the state"

30.12.2011 22:01 msk Interview Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyzstani state should be understood primarily as a market for investing in public offices, claims a Swedish political scientist in a newly published doctoral thesis. Dr. Johan Engvall says ordinary political theory does not even provide us with the tools to understand the Central Asian republic, because in it, corruption is not an external problem but the very method of governance. The full-fledged cooperation between police and organised crime under president Bakiev was a low point, he says, but he isn't too impressed by the the post-Bakiev politicians either. At the same time, this state-for-sale can be changed, he believes, pointing at the Georgian example.

Sex slavery: personal story in detail

Sex slavery: personal story in detail

01.12.2011 09:16 msk Interview Kyrgyzstan

It’s never been a secret that women from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan regularly work abroad as prostitutes. Yet, few people know of details of such “labor migration”. Fergana has taken an interview of a person, citizen of Bishkek, who has worked as a prostitute in Dubai (OAE).

Kadyrzhan Batyrov: Kyrgyz authorities failed to train people to work and pay bills

Kadyrzhan Batyrov: Kyrgyz authorities failed to train people to work and pay bills

02.02.2011 15:10 msk Interview Kyrgyzstan

Kadyrzhan Batyrov, one of the leaders of Uzbek community in Kyrgyzstan, the founder and president of private university in Jalal-Abad, former parliamentary deputy and state advisor of second rank, became the major person involved in June tragedy in southern Kyrgyzstan. Both national and independent commissions as well as certain politicians refer to Batyrov as one of the main causers of interethnic clashes and victims. After being silent and in exile, Kadyrzhan Batyrov agreed to give exclusive interview to Ferghana where he shares about his communication with interim government members, "Uzbek separatism" and "Kyrgyz nationalism".

Alexander Knyazev: Kyrgyzstan is the first candidate to repeat the Kosovo scenario

Alexander Knyazev: Kyrgyzstan is the first candidate to repeat the Kosovo scenario

10.01.2011 15:07 msk Interview Kyrgyzstan

Professor Alexander Knyazev, the consultant of the Institute of political solutions (Almaty) became one of the first experts, raising the expected destabilization in Kyrgyzstan and its reasons. "The explosions and other terrorist activities will become regular part of life in Kyrgyzstan", he told Ferghana at the beginning of December, 2010. The news on deteriorating security situation in Kyrgyzstan arose soon. In concern with recent events in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan in general Ferghana asked Alexander Knyazev few questions over the telephone.

Alexander Knyazev: Terrorism will become the part of everyday life in Kyrgyzstan

10.12.2010 11:57 msk Interview Kyrgyzstan

Alexander Knyazev, the coordinator of regional programs, senior fellow in the Institute of Oriental Studies under Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), the consultant of the Institute of political decisions (Almaty), answered the questions of Ferghana Chief Editor Daniil Kislov. The conversation covered the situation in today’s Kyrgyzstan: in the opinion of expert, the government demonstrates unwillingness and inability to publicly condemn aggressive nationalism and this may lead to destruction of statehood and so-called "intifada": dozens of thousands Uzbeks left the republic, big share of them are demoralized while the youth, seeking the justice, may join IMU or Hizb ut-Tahrir".

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