25 october 2014

Central Asia news

Carnegie Moscow presents Russo-Turkish cooperation in “turbulent neighborhood” report

Carnegie Moscow presents Russo-Turkish cooperation in “turbulent neighborhood” report

24.10.2014 13:41 msk Analytics Politics Central Asia Afghanistan China Iran Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Pakistan Russia Tajikistan Turkmenistan Turkey, Republic of Uzbekistan

Carnegie Moscow Center presented the “Exploring the Prospects of Russian-Turkish Cooperation in a Turbulent Neighborhood” report compiled by the Carnegie Center and the Global Relations Forum (GRF) in Istanbul. The two organizations established a Working Group dedicated to exploring the potential for regional cooperation between Turkey and Russia under the leadership of Memduh Karakullukchu, vice chairman and president, Global Relations Forum (GRF), and Dmitri Trenin, director, Carnegie Moscow Center.

Speak Up for success

Speak Up for success

09.07.2014 23:47 msk Business Central Asia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Russia Tajikistan Turkmenistan Turkey, Republic of Uzbekistan

Speak Up is part of the largest language school network in Poland, which belongs to the international capital group Empik Media & Fashion. In 2012 revenues of the Group were about PLN 3.2 billion (over 1 trillion USD). The language school division is represented by Learning System Group (LSG) which operates 115 schools with more than 100.000 students. LSG is the leader in teaching foreign languages in Central and Eastern Europe. Being listed in Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1997, EMF has become one of the leading distributors of language courses, media, clothing, cosmetics and children’s products in Central Europe. It includes well-known brands as Hugo Boss, River Island and Esprit. Our school has been recognized in the prestigious Book of Lists 2012 , taking first place in the category of number of students and offer. Speak Up specializes in teaching English to adults using a unique method that combines the most modern multimedia tools with classes conducted by highly qualified instructors. There are Speak Up schools all over Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Kazakh president prepping power transition

Kazakh president prepping power transition

04.02.2013 21:30 msk Analytics Politics Kazakhstan

Several massive reshufflings in key government positions took place in Kazakhstan as early as first days of 2013, and that certainly bears crucial impacts on the country’s future. On the surface, reshuffling of officials is not a novice in our country and the Kazakh society is quite used to this frequent phenomenon. Many realize that Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev resorts to this method to maintain the balance of power among the elite in region.

“Everybody says that only the police were shooting”

“Everybody says that only the police were shooting”

03.12.2012 21:17 msk Interview Kazakhstan

A group of guests from Europe visited Kazakhstan from 26 October to 4 November. Journalist and human rights defender from Helsinki Oksana Chelysheva, Finnish photographer Kukka Ranta and Latvian photographer Maris Morkans went to the Central Asian republic to find about the situation there ioday, almost a year after the tragic events in Zhanaozen. Now, having talked to local residents and gathered a lot of documentary material, they are determined to lobby in Europe for political prisoners in Kazakhstan. A visible result of their journey is a photography exhibition “Kazakhstan with European eyes”, which is currently being prepared.

Kazakhstan: Refugee Protestant arrested and could be extradited to Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan: Refugee Protestant arrested and could be extradited to Uzbekistan

14.09.2012 16:26 msk Religious life Kazakhstan

Makset Djabbarbergenov – a Protestant pastor wanted in his home country of Uzbekistan for "illegal" religious teaching and literature distribution – has been arrested by the authorities of Kazakhstan, where he sought refuge in 2007. He was detained after police held his sister-in-law for two weeks to find his whereabouts, family members told Forum 18 News Service. A court ordered on 7 September Djabbarbergenov be held in detention until Kazakhstan's General Prosecutor's Office decides whether to send him back. "As a person I can say this is not right," Daniyar Zharykbasov of Almaty's Bostandyk District Prosecutor's Office told Forum 18. "But we have to follow the rules." In June the United Nations Committee Against Torture condemned Kazakhstan for sending back 28 Uzbek Muslim refugees and asylum seekers in 2011. They were arrested on their return and at least some received long prison terms.

Kazakhstan: Court case against opposition continues

Kazakhstan: Court case against opposition continues

06.09.2012 22:12 msk Politics Kazakhstan

The court case against Vladimir Kozlov, Serik Sapargali and Akjanat Aminov, which has been ongoing for more than 20 days in Aktau, can already be rightfully called Kazakhstan’s first big political court case. The accused are the leader of the opposition unregistered party Alta! and two social activists. Andrei Grishin, journalist from Kazakhstan International Bureau of Human Rights and the Rule of Law, writes for Fergana.ru.

US Befriends Kazakhstan Dictator, Now World's Largest Producer of Uranium

17.05.2012 21:10 msk Business Kazakhstan

Why does Nazarbaev need a multi-party parliament?

Why does Nazarbaev need a multi-party parliament?

17.01.2012 21:56 msk Analytics Kazakhstan

Today’s ruling class in Kazakhstan has completely lost its capacity for an open political struggle in absence of administrative resource as an unfair advantage. All of a sudden, the political system cherished by Nazarbaev throughout the “years of reform and progress” has grown into a main threat for the desirable stability of Nazarbaev’s regime. The only way for him to win an election today is through suppression of opponents using force, courts, and intimidation, relying upon the dependent government and local self-governments, imposing political censorship and resorting to hypocritical support from his “Eurasian” friends and “international community”. Nazarbaev (and Putin) has long missed his chance for a breakthrough in modernization, following the Chinese pattern (on any other pattern, anyway). Holding out promises of fair elections and transparent competition, but sinking into lies, in reality, Nazarbaev unavoidably leads the country towards huge social, economic and political problems in the nearest future. The enormous gap between authorities playing the game of democracy and the ordinary people is ever growing. In case of another Zhanaozen, no satellite parties or the puppet parliament are going to rescue the regime.

Who and what’s behind the riots in Kazakhstan?

Who and what’s behind the riots in Kazakhstan?

19.12.2011 08:24 msk Analytics Kazakhstan

If people show their discontent quietly, it can just be ignored. Once people take to active actions, they need to be “turned” into terrorists. This is the path chosen by the Kazakhstan’s government to counter actions of protests. If you can not calm the crowd down, for lack of brains or will, doesn’t matter, you have to demonize the crowd, and then start shooting. Afterwards, it would be nice to discover a bit of ammunition or leaflets by a banned Islamic party when searching activists’ homes. In era of a total Islam phobia and war on terror, such evidence could serve as a justification in front of influential partners in Europe, too.

Kazakhstan: Covert terrorist organizations are in place and not inclined to remain idle

Kazakhstan: Covert terrorist organizations are in place and not inclined to remain idle

24.11.2011 08:15 msk Analytics Kazakhstan

Terrorists increasingly manifest their presence in Kazakhstan. So far they target representatives of the law enforcement and governmental bodies. Internet is full of reports of police operations to apprehend terrorists, seize explosives and demine bridges in various parts of the country. In most cases, any official information is missing, so it is difficult to tell the truth from lies. Besides, religious extremists are often reported as regular criminals. National security committee is rapidly losing the very last remains of its past credibility but still prefers to keep silent, as a rule. Indeed, unless terrorist attacks are too loud to hide.

Kazakhstan: Don’t Extradite Uzbeks to Torture. Respect International Obligations

07.06.2011 13:15 msk Human Rights Kazakhstan

Kazakh authorities should not extradite 32 detainees to Uzbekistan, where they face a real risk of torture, ACAT-France, Amnesty International, the Association “Human Rights in Central Asia,” Human Rights Watch, and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) said today. The 32 men, who came to Kazakhstan seeking asylum from religious persecution in Uzbekistan, are at risk of torture and ill-treatment if they are forcibly returned to Uzbekistan, the groups said.

Kazakhstan: Nursultan Nazarbayev to follow the way of German Fuhrer?

Kazakhstan: Nursultan Nazarbayev to follow the way of German Fuhrer?

19.01.2011 14:48 msk Politics Kazakhstan

Permanent cultivation of paternalistic type of mind, exploitation of belief into holiness, special selectness, heroism and unreachable perfection of national leader, possessing unrivaled charisma, rapidly separate Kazakhstani people from genuine democracy, says Azhdar Kurtov, the chief editor of Problems of national strategy (Russian magazine). Today, Kazakh president is real "superpatron", sharing political favoritism to all others. In the opinion of expert, today’s Nazarbayev more and more looks like not the leader of democratic republic but Adolf Hitler in mid 1930s – President, Reichschancellor and the party leader at the same time.

Copper wealth of Nazarbayev. Global Witness claims against Kazakhmys

Copper wealth of Nazarbayev. Global Witness claims against Kazakhmys

02.08.2010 10:10 msk Business Kazakhstan

Global Witness, the international anti-corruption organization, published the report, named "Risky business. Who controls Kazakhmys plc?" Based on independent investigation information, Global Witness affirms that Kazakhmys, the biggest Kazakhstani copper miner, did not share vital and financially important information with the investors when it was listing its shares at London Stock Exchange in 2005. The information included close corruption ties of senior management with President Nazarbayev. The experts demand to audit Kazakhmys again and publicly offer over half of company’s shares for investigation period in order to prevent possible interference of corrupted Kazakhstani regime in the corporate affairs, not reflecting the interests of minority shareholders.

Marijuana in Kazakhstan. Not to Be Destroyed but Used

Marijuana in Kazakhstan. Not to Be Destroyed but Used

14.09.2009 10:00 msk Kazakhstan

All drug users and dealers in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other neighboring countries know that marijuana grows in the Chuy valley. There is no way this narcotic herb can be destroyed: dig over the land just to see more of it growing there in the next year, pull out seven meter long roots to bring sand into villages or bury roads under it. A decision was made in Kazakhstan to build a hemp processing plant to manufacture medicine and fiber. However these intentions counter bureaucratic hindrances and lack of understanding on the side of drug fighters.

Stalin’s monument in Kazakh village found its place

Stalin’s monument in Kazakh village found its place

27.06.2009 12:07 msk Kazakhstan

While there are some serious disputes over the monuments, representing various eras in the history of the post-Soviet states, people in Kazakhstan are quite tolerant to such endeavors. For instance, Stalin’s monument is still located in Ikan area, close to the city of Turkestan in Southern Kazakhstan oblast of Kazakhstan. Today, nobody can say for sure when it was erected. In the 1980s the representatives of the Oblast administration were going to liquidate the monument. However, at that time they faced the protests from the local aqsaqals.

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