26 may 2019

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Kyrgyzstan: The operations of special services in Nookat to threaten national security

17.06.2009 12:04 msk


The human rights activists in Kyrgyzstan report that the officers of State national security committee (SNSC) force the relatives of "Nookat events" to calumniate the prisoners and ask for mercy from the President of the country. The civil society of the country expects the Head of influential special service to provide the explanations of such act.

Aziza Abdirasulova, the Head of Osh-based Kylym shamy human rights center, informs that SNSC officers visit the homes of the Nookat events convicts, threaten them and force to give video interviews. In these interviews they must calumniate the prisoners, admit their membership in illegal Hizb ut-Tahrir party and ask for mercy from the President Kurmanbek Bakiev.

It has to be mentioned that 32 people were convicted on so-called "Nookat affair" and sentenced to long terms (9-20 years) for the participation in the mass riots during the celebration of Orozo Ait Muslim holiday on October 1 of 2008. According to the human rights activists, few relatives of convicts were already invited "to have conversation" with local SNSC officers.

The human rights council under the Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan, consisting of the number of influential activists, disseminated special announcement on June 16. The council addressed the official request to the head of SNSC Murat Sutalinov.

The human rights activists claim that on April 8, 2009 SNSC officers attempted to secretly put some documents in the home of one of the convict’s brother. 80 year old man shouted, seeing the brochures and magazines, held by SNSC officer. In response, the special serviceman opened fire. Rano Teshebaeva, the mother of convicted Muzaffar Teshebaev, died on June 11. The relatives believe that she could not take unfairly strict sentence of his son. Today, Muzaffar is in the colony’s aid post: he has toe-paralysis after tortures and head injuries.

The human rights council supposes that SNSC officers use all available methods to discredit the victims in order to hide the unprofessionalism, cruelty and irresponsibility during the investigation of Nookat events.

The open letter indicates that these actions of SNSC deteriorate the trust of citizens in the state justice and legitimacy as well as artificially intensify the situation in Nookat rayon of Kyrgyzstan.

The human rights council addresses the Head of SNSC Murat Sutalinov with the appeal to stop cruel repression of citizens, carry out immediate rotation of officers in Nookat rayon and conduct effective investigation and performance evaluation.

The authors of the letter demand the immediate resignation of Murat Sutalinov if he fails to fairly investigate this situation. In their opinion, SNSC actions in Nookat rayon pose a threat to national security.