19 august 2019

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Tajikistan: Mirzo Zieev (Djaga) is killed

13.07.2009 17:23 msk


The former Emergency Response Minister of Tajikistan Mirzo Zieev was killed by his teammates at anti-government group. The details of his assassination are very unclear. Today, the journalists have only one version that was announced by the first Deputy Interior Affairs Mister of Tajikistan Ramazon Rakhimov at the special press-conference, RIA Novosti reports.

"On July 8 the organized criminal group, headed by ex-subordinate of Zieev, the officer Narzulo Azizov, attacked the checkpoint in close vicinity of Tavildar regional center", the Deputy IA Minster noted. The accident took place at Safedkhok area of Tavildar rayon. Three members of of Azizov’s group were killed while the attackers were able to hide at Childara area, the source in the law enforcement structure of the country mentioned. According to him, the head of the group asked help from Zieev and he joined the militants in order to capture the buildings of local authorities and internal affairs department of Tavildar rayon.

The governmental forces, sent to the region under Mak-2009 special operation, surrounded the gang on July 10. In the next morning Zieev and his five supporters surrendered. The Deputy Minister informed that last Saturday Zieev voluntarily agreed to show the weapon storage facilities and organize the negotiations with the remaining members of Azizov’s group.

"Last Saturday night the officers of state committee for national security and internal affairs ministry were attacked by the remaining members of Azizov’s criminal group in the village of Akhba. As a result, Zieev was killed and officers were injured", Rakhimov noted. The Deputy Minister also said that "five citizens of Russia, ethnic Chechen, were in the group of Azizov".

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In the next publications Ferghana.Ru will offer the readers broad article, dedicated to Zieev in the years of civil war in Tajikistan, his post-war role and links with Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.