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Kyrgyzstan: Bakyt Beshimov does not recognize the legitimacy of the government

29.09.2009 15:52 msk


Бакытбек Бешимов
Bakytbek Beshimov (born in 1954) – is one of the founders of the Social-democratic party of Kyrgyzstan, the deputy of Jogorku Kenesh (the parliament of Kyrgyzstan), the Head of SDPK. The former Kyrgyz Republic Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, professor.
After his unexpected escape from Bishkek to USA that happened over two weeks ago, the leader of parliamentary Social-Democratic party of Kyrgyzstan (SDPK) Bakyt Beshimov finally issued the statement for media.

It has to be mentioned that on September 15 of this year during his lecture for the students of the Institute of Central Asia and Caucasus at John Hopkins University in Washington DC, Bakytbek Beshimov informed that he secretly escaped from Kyrgyzstan through Kazakhstan. According to him, Russian political forces as well as local criminal leaders in Kyrgyzstan help the government put unprecedented pressure on their opponents.

"I was forced to temporarily leave the country due to direct attempt to physically kill me in August after long purposeful pursuit", Bakyt Beshimov indicated in the letter, received by Ferghana.Ru editorial staff. However, the prominent Kyrgyz deputy and opposition leader never named the names that chased and attempted to kill him; instead, he only gave few negative comments, addressed to the current regime.

"On July 23 in Kyrgyzstan Bakiev finally liquidated the election process and closed up the opportunity for national development under civilized democratic way. Today, the state is managed by illegitimate criminal power that does not recognize basic rights of people to have independent opinion", the leader of SDPK writes and says that he does not want to have anything in common with this power: "I do not recognize such government. I would never consider cooperation with Bakiev until we see killed, assaulted, arrested and detained people that do not support the policy of current regime".

"Everybody is aware that all the attempts to make a deal with Bakiev will only lead to deterioration of repressions. It took me almost two years to turn the attention of the president and the parliament to the real problems of people and setup of needed balance in the state management, observance of human rights, respectful relations with political opposition and opponents in general. However, he talks to himself and hears himself only", Beshimov says. In his opinion, the current President of Kyrgyzstan "built the policy of hypocritical, strict and cynical persecution of opposition". "He destroyed best expectations of people and until he remains in power the country will continue following the tragic path", new Kyrgyz dissident notes.

Bakytbek Beshimov highlights that today’s parliament of the republic only performs the role of obedient executer of criminal presidential policy. "Abolishing the immunity status of deputy K. Kadyrov the parliament committed amoral act and totally eliminated this legislative body". "Did these deputies already forget how they recently defended the immunity of the President?", Bakyt asks a rhetoric question, reminding that it was him who initiated the amendments to the law on president’s responsibility in accordance with give oath.

Beshimov indicates that it is extremely tough period for current opposition and, unfortunately, it is being criticized from all over. Nonetheless, from his point of view, the opposition works for the good of people and risks its status, fighting with criminal authorities. Beshimov hopes that "in the future the ideas of opposition leaders will be appreciated" and says: "My choice is the same: democracy, freedom and best future for our country – this is my path".