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Kyrgyzstan: Ferghana.Ru sources confirm the involvement of Tajik contractors in the Osh massacre

15.06.2010 14:38 msk


Kubatbek Baibolov, the commandant of the Jalal-Abad Oblast and first deputy Ministry of State national security service of Kyrgyzstan, was the first to announce the involvement of the Tajik contractors in the bloody massacre in Osh.

"People in the cars with blacked-out windows shot both Kyrgyz and Uzbeks. These are specially trained groups, consisting of Tajik citizens that had no money to survive. Their clients are Bakiev’s teammates. We have incontestable evidences and admission of detained people. We already filed the criminal cases in all accordance with procedural law. The evidences will be shared with public in the next few days".

However, the Foreign Ministry of Tajikistan rejected the statement of Kyrgyz official.

In his interview with Ferghana.Ru the President of National Tajik center in Kyrgyzstan Ravshan Sabirov said he was no aware of Baibolov’s words. "Secondly, criminals and terrorists have no nationality. Such statement can produce interethnic conflict".

Ferghana.Ru managed to get confirmation from Osh residents and local law enforcement officers that in the last few days there were 20-30 sharpshooters, the ethnic Tajik. Allegedly, these contractors came to Osh from foreign countries, including Russia. These could be former militants of uncompromising opposition, whose return home was not possible to due criminal prosecution or past criminal experience. Over 10 of these contractors were killed both by civilians and special task forces. Their bodies were delivered to Osh mortuary.

In his interview at Echo Moskvy Arkadiy Dubnov, the international observer of Vremya Novostei, also informed about the involvement of Tajik contractors.

"Taking full responsibility I state that these criminal groups included militants, involved in civil war in Tajikistan at the beginning of 1990s on both sides – National front and Tajik opposition", Dubnov said.

According to him, the contractors were represented by ethnic Tajik and people of other ethnicities, including Northern Caucasus and other regions. They were hired in some regions of Russia, including Moscow, and assisted with documents at Tajik embassy in Moscow. These documents had genuine pictures, but false names.

According to Dubnov, "the preparation started two weeks after April coup". They were hired by people, working Bakiev’s family. The goal was "to show that current government is not able to solve problems", while Bakiev’s team could restore peace.

"If you remember Bakiev was proposing to send peacekeepers to Kyrgyzstan. Now he can say: I warned you, but you did not listen to me. There are many reasons why this could be desired by Bakiev’s clan. At the moment, it is not easy to prove it, but it will be proven, I am sure", the expert believes.

At the same time, he underlined that "we are talking not only about Tajik, but also these "wild gooses", motivated by money. When person is unemployed, has no opportunities and he is promised hundreds of US dollars – the implementers, while the mediators get much more – I think this is serious incentive for them to go there".